Local arts charity Watermans is appealing for supporters to donate to help keep it going. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has affected theatres and arts institutions with limited, or no, attendances at events. Watermans have released a crowfunding campaign to save their work and ensure they are able to entertain past the end of 2020.

Jan Lennox, the Director of Watermans, sent out the following statement regarding their crowdfunding campaign at the end of November: "This money will help us survive the pandemic intact. It will help us reopen with a full programme of children's theatre, cabaret, dance, music, workshops and cinema, supported by our loyal and experienced staff. It will mean we can continue our outreach across the borough of Hounslow, and continue to deliver a year-round programme for disabled children and their families.

The initial target was to raise £60,000 but that has been surpasses. Watermans now want to raise £120,000 and are approaching £75,000. The fund-raising effort will end before Christmas.

An updated statement on the crowdfunding website said: "With social distancing projected to continue for indoor venues like Watermans until June 2021, the pandemic continues to threaten our existence. Our finances will be unsustainable by summer 2021 and obviously, we cannot wait until that point to act. In January, our trustees will be forced to make some very difficult decisions about Watermans’ future if we have been unable to significantly close the funding gap for next year.

"The more we can close that gap before the end of January, the more flexibility we will have in the decisions we can make and the better for Watermans and everyone in our community. That’s why we’re crowdfunding now. And that's why it's so important we go for our stretch target."

Read more about Watermans, the crowdfunding effort and how you can help here.