The voices of young people across England and Wales on issues such as youth violence and racism were heard at a Premier League Youth Summit earlier this month. More than 700 youngsters from Premier League Kicks and Premier League Inspires programmes across England and Wales united to engage in conversations on these issues, as well as amplify the positive activity and social action they've been doing in their communities. They represented professional football club community organisations at the virtual one-day event, which was hosted by the presenter Elz at the League’s headquarters.

The two-hour event was live-streamed to the participants gathered together within their respective club community organisations, from where they shared their ideas and thoughts. The young people had been asked by their clubs to talk about at least one of three themes: their experience on the programmes; community safety and youth violence; No Room For Racism. They found creative ways to share their voices and discuss those topics, for example through vlogging, photography or music, and they put their talents on display during the event.

The summit was held last Wednesday and is just the start of the work that the Premier League and the Premier League Charitable Fund aim to do to engage more youth voice in their work and programmes. More will follow in due course. More on the event itself can be seen on the Premier League website here.