The Premier League has revealed a third ball which will be used from games this weekened. The third Flight ball for the 2021/22 Premier League will be used this weeked. Brentford's players have been training with it this week, as can be seen here.

The ball has the same tech as those of this season and last, with the AerowSculpt technology improving consistency and giving a truer flight. The design has a "white/baltic blue/laser crimson/black” colourway, with a white base joined by the same graphic, inspired by organic connectivity that featured on the first Flight ball this season and the hi-vis ball, which has been used in the recent winter months.

Where this ball stands out from previous ones this season are the 12 signal pods - the circles across the ball’s surface, which drive enhanced visual performance, letting players read the pace and spin of the ball better. These are more prominent, sitting above the other graphics. It will have its first competitive action this weekend in Matchweek 28, which includes Brentford's trip to Norwich City on Saturday, 5 March. See more on the Premier League website here.