Brentford fans that froze their 2020/21 Season Tickets and have more than 3,000 Ticket Access Points (TAPs) can now buy their ticket for our vital Sky Bet Championship Play-Off game against AFC Bournemouth. The Bees finished third in the Championship and will face Bournemouth over two legs. The first match is on Monday, 17 May, and the second, decisive leg will be on Saturday 22 May. That match will kick-off at 12.30pm at our new stadium and – as detailed yesterday – fans can attend the match.

Premium Seat Holders with 3,000+ TAPs will be contacted to make their Premium Seat purchase.

Following confirmation from the Government of the current Covid-19 restrictions, we will operate at 25 per cent capacity at our new stadium. We have tried to balance the commitment in our Customer Charter, to reward those with the highest level of TAPs, with the desire to give all our frozen Season Ticket Holders (STH) and Premium Seat Holders a chance to get a ticket for this important match via a ballot. The full information about ticketing for the game can be seen here.

Earlier today, Wednesday 12 May, emails were sent to fans that can buy tickets for the game. They can buy their tickets online immediately or over the phone or at the Box Office in the coming days (Thursday and Friday 10am – 5pm). If you don’t receive an email and/or want to check your TAPS – log in to your Ticketing Account here (or read more here).

We want the best atmosphere possible for this critical match, therefore (as far as restrictions allow) we are hoping to allocate seats in the stand your Season Ticket is located. You will be able to use our Friends and Family functionality to sit in groups of up to six eligible fans from the same stand as yours. You can also apply for the ballot if groups of up to six. Read more about Friends and Family here.

Login here to buy your ticket

Fans that qualify for our ballot have also received an email to enter. More information on our ballot can be seen here. In order to maximise stadium capacity, we ask entrants to form groups of up to six. When you register, it’s extremely important to include all fan numbers from each member of your group (and check the numbers carefully) as any invalid fan numbers will be removed from your group. All members of the group need to be frozen STH or Premium Seat Holders. To check your fan number – log in to your Ticketing Account here (or read more here).

If you have not received an email, you can enter the ballot here. Please note you will not be entered automatically, you need to register.