Official Fruit and Vegetable Partner, Oui Chef, provided Brentford FC Community Sports Trust webinar participants with a welcome bonus during the final instalment of the Trust’s eight-week Health and Nutrition programme.

As part of the Trust’s #BeeInTheTeam campaign, which has engaged with 550 participants since January, Brentford FC First Team player Emiliano Marcondes joined children and adults from the local community to discuss the importance of staying fit and healthy. Hosted virtually on Zoom, Emiliano provided insight on the players’ day-to-day routine at the Club’s Jersey Road training ground.

The participants were able to eat like the First Team, too. Oui Chef - who have fueled the Brentford players since 2015 with early morning deliveries to the Club’s training ground - provided each member of the group with a hamper of fresh ingredients to make a healthy meal at home.

Brentford midfield player Christian Nørgaard and forward Tariqe Fosu, along with Brentford WFC player Rabia Azam, are among those to have also taken part in the webinar programme. Tom Perryman, from the Club's Strength and Conditioning team, has also done a session, as have referees Akil Howson and Rebecca Welch.

Speaking about his involvement in the Health and Nutrition webinar, Emiliano said: “I try to eat healthy as it has a positive effect on my mental health as well as my physical condition. Eating well and doing extras, on the pitch and in the gym, is like a drug for my brain to give me more motivation to stay sharp all the time.

“I try to see health and nutrition as part of a bigger picture; I have to keep in mind what is important to me and remind myself why I’ve been fighting for so long to do what I do. A quick fix of eating some chocolate or skipping extra training is against my values, and it will slow me down when in getting to my end goal. That’s my biggest motivation.”

Mark Baines, Regional Business Development Manager at Oui Chef, added: “Promoting exercise, healthy eating and good nutrition is important now more than ever. Actively engaging with the younger generation shows how dedicated and invested the Club and the Trust are to helping the local community make healthier choices wherever possible. Oui Chef are proud to have collaborated with Brentford FC and The Trust on this event and we look forward to continuing our partnership and making fresh, quality produce readily available to everyone.”

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