The new Hi-Vis Premier League Match Ball has arrived and is ready to light up pitches around the country as winter fast approaches. The ball has a vibrant design that features comic book patterns, inspired by and celebrating the real-life players who are superheroes both on and off the pitch. The ball is carefully designed to help Premier League players read the pace and spin of the ball more instinctively, with all four panels distinct but connected.

As with the ball for the first ten Matchweeks of the season, the organic base that wraps the ball links the 12 signal pods that offer optimal flicker and colour optimisation. But the base is given a bold yellow, blue, laser crimson and white colourway that is inspired by the bright images of the "Golden Age" of comic books, between 1938 and 1956. It still features the same ground-breaking Aerowsculpt technology that provides 30 per cent truer flight compared with its predecessors.

Fans will first see new Hi-Vis Premier League Nike Flight Match Ball in action in Friday night's meeting between Southampton and Aston Villa. It will be used for Brentford's match against Norwich City on Saturday, 6 November. It will then be used through the winter.