With Griffin Park now closed to visitors, Brentford FC can confirm that our New Stadium Reservation Centre will also be closed in the short term. Sales of Season Tickets for our new home will, however, continue in a different way. This means supporters can secure their seats for next season in the coming weeks even if they cannot leave their home.

The Club has put processes in place to conduct Season Ticket appointments over the phone. The staff, who may have to work from home as per government advice, will be able to speak to supporters and can share their screen during the booking process if requested, therefore being able to share available seats and views. This means fans can still choose their seats and join over 5,000 Brentford supporters who have already secured their place ‘from Day One’  at our new home.

Brentford FC is very keen to make sure the process for securing season tickets at our new home is as fair as possible. Current Season Ticket Holders have been allocated an appointment based on their location at Griffin Park, their longevity as a Season Ticket Holder and their Ticket Access Points. Moving appointments to a telephone and screen share system is the best way to maintain this process.

This month, supporters who have been Season Ticket Holders at Griffin Park for less than six seasons will be taking up their appointments and in April, Club Members will get the opportunity to purchase Season Tickets. Supporters will be contacted by text and email to set up telephone appointments in-line with their original appointment time. Club Members will have all received an email by Wednesday and have the opportunity to group with other supporters (based on your Ticket Access Points). Please note, this email may go into your Junk folder. We advise Club Members who haven’t received anything to email [email protected].

Full prices and more information about 2020/21 Season Tickets can be found here. You can also find the answers to frequently asked questions about 2020/21 Season Tickets in our FAQs here. With Early Bird prices expiring on Thursday 30 April, those that buy during their exclusive window can save up to £50 on their Season Ticket. What’s more, these prices won’t increase should we get promoted to the Premier League.