What does the implementation of Plan B mean for Brentford fans?

The Prime Minister last week announced that the Government’s Plan B winter COVID contingency strategy will be introduced following the emergence of the Omicron variant. Additional restrictions are being required nationwide as a result to help ensure that fans attending our matches can be as safe as possible.

What has changed?

There are three main changes.

First, all adult fans (18+) will be required to pre-register online, self-declaring their COVID status in advance of the game. This is mandatory.

Second, it will now be a requirement for all adult fans (18+) to either show (a) that they have an NHS COVID Pass (or an international equivalent) or (b) that they have had a negative result from a lateral flow test within 48 hours of the time of the kick off.  Fans may be refused entry to the match if they cannot do this.

Third, there will be significantly more spot-checks taking place at the stadium before each game. All adult fans (18+) may be checked, even though they have pre-registered their COVID status.

Why are these new arrangements in place?

In short, to help reduce the spread of the virus, to create a safe matchday environment and to help prevent capacity restrictions in the future.  We are all in this together and we all have a responsibility to keep our fellow Bees fans safe.

When do the new arrangements start?

The first away match impacted is against Southampton on 18 December. The first home match impacted will be the Chelsea game on 22 December.  The requirements will remain in place until further notice.

Self-declaration process

Why do supporters also need to self-declare?

All fans aged 18 and over will be required to pre-register their COVID-19 status ahead of attending matches at Brentford Community Stadium. This is to declare that they (a) hold a valid NHS COVID Pass or will only attend if they have a negative lateral flow test result, and (b) will not attend if they have COVID-19 symptoms.

How do you self-declare?

This will be a simple online process. Season Ticket Holders and Premium Seat Holders can click on this link to complete the online form.

For members who have already purchased match tickets for upcoming games, home and away, they should also complete the online form here.

For all future matches that go on sale, supporters will be asked to self-declare at the point of purchase.

Do you need to self-declare ahead of away matches?

Yes, you will be asked to self-declare at the point of purchase for all future away matches.

Do Season Ticket Holders need to self-declare ahead of every single match?

As a Season Ticket Holder, the current advice from the authorities is that this will be a one-off process, valid for the 2021/22 season, but this may be reviewed in the future.

What happens if you do not self-declare ahead of the match?

Supporters must be aware that the Club may decline entry to anyone who does not self-declare in advance.

Fans who provide any false information while pre-registering will also risk being banned by the Club from future matches or may have their Season Ticket or Membership withdrawn.

Will you need to self-declare before every match?

For now, Season Ticket Holders will only need to do this once for the 2021/22 season. Those who purchase Match Tickets will need to self-declare at the point of purchase, on every occasion.

If fans have already purchased tickets for away matches, do they need to complete the self-declaration form for each of those matches?

We encourage all Season Ticket Holders and Members to complete the self-declaration form once, as soon as possible, and be ready to be checked at the stadium when you travel to away games.

Going forward, when individual matches are purchased, fans will need to self-declare at the point of purchase.

What happens if I give my Season Ticket to someone else for a particular match?

Given the new COVID-19 restrictions in place requiring fans to self-declare their COVID status before attending games, the Club has had to disable the online ticket transfer process and would encourage any Season Ticket Holders not able to attend a game to use the Ticket Exchange to sell their ticket to another supporter.

Can you declare for someone else in your group?

You will be able to complete the online declaration form on behalf of someone else in your group as long as you have the authority to do so.

If you have purchased an additional ticket for the Chelsea match on 22 December for a guest who does not have a fan number, how does the self-declaration process work?

If a Season Ticket Holder has purchased an additional Chelsea match ticket for a guest who does not have a fan number, the Season Ticket Holder is responsible for ensuring that the guest is aware of our COVID-19 Supporter Code of Conduct and that the guest must be able to show their COVID-19 status on the NHS App or a text or email showing a negative lateral flow test during COVID checks at the stadium.

NHS COVID Pass and testing

How do you get your NHS COVID Pass?

The NHS COVID Pass is available via the ‘NHS App’. It shows your COVID-19 vaccination status or your test results. We strongly encourage you to save your NHS COVID Pass ‘offline’ so that you don’t need to depend on either the phone signal or WiFi at the ground. You can do this by downloading it as a PDF or by saving it into your Apple or Google wallet. Click here for more information.

Do I need to be double-vaccinated?

By being double-vaccinated, you will be eligible for the NHS COVID Pass two weeks after your last vaccination. If you have only had one vaccination, you will not be eligible.

You are also eligible for the NHS COVID Pass if you have registered a negative lateral flow test with the NHS within the past 48 hours.

Fans can also demonstrate that they have had a negative test result by showing an email or a text message from NHS Test and Trace which confirms your negative test result in the previous 48 hours.

Do you need to show that you have received a booster jab (i.e. a third vaccination)?

No, you can get an NHS COVID Pass if you have been double-vaccinated. But we do encourage supporters to get the booster vaccine where possible.

Can fans show the NHS COVID vaccination card (blue card) to prove vaccination status?

No, fans should use the NHS COVID Pass in line with Government’s new requirements.

If you are medically exempt from getting a vaccination, can you get an NHS COVID Pass?

Anyone who is medically exempt must be registered with the NHS in order to generate an NHS COVID Pass. You'll be able to get an NHS COVID Pass for domestic events and venues when your medical exemption is confirmed. Find out who can apply and how to apply for a medical exemption here. Please be aware that this can take a few weeks to process so you may need to show a negative lateral flow test before your exemption is confirmed.

Do I need to test before each game?

If you do not have a valid NHS COVID Pass, then yes, you must be able to produce a negative lateral flow test result, taken within 48 hours of each game. If you are not fully vaccinated, you must do this before every game.

This applies to all adults (18+) but we would also encourage younger fans to test ahead of each game.

If you don’t have a smartphone, what do you do?

If you cannot apply digitally using the NHS App or online service, you can ask for an NHS COVID Pass letter to be sent to you by post. Click here or call 119.

Can I simply take a photograph of my test result and show that to stewards?

No – a photograph of a negative test result will not be accepted. You must report your test result to the NHS here and then be ready to show an email or a text message from NHS Test and Trace as proof.


Where will the COVID-19 checks take place?

The checks will take place in the vicinity of the stadium by our matchday operations team. We ask for your full co-operation, please support our staff to ensure that they can conduct the checks safely and quickly to minimise queues.

Will there be long queues at the stadium and what time should I arrive?

We expect that it will take longer to enter the stadium due to the mandatory checks that need to take place. We strongly encourage fans to arrive at least one hour before the kick-off.

Will children be checked?

Children will not be checked – they will be exempt, but we encourage those attending to take a lateral flow test within 48 hours of the match. The COVID-certification checks will only apply to those aged 18 and over.

What happens if you don’t have the NHS COVID Pass or can’t prove a negative lateral flow test?

All fans aged 18 and over must be able to demonstrate that they have an NHS COVID Pass or a negative lateral flow test within 48 hours of the kick off time of the game. Without either of these, fans will not be allowed to enter the stadium.

How does it work for fans coming from overseas?

International visitors should bring with them their international equivalent COVID Pass along with an official form of ID such as a passport or driving licence.

How long will these arrangements be in place for?

This will ultimately be determined by the Government depending on the prevalence of COVID-19. Our COVID-19 Supporter Code of Conduct is subject to change based on the latest Government guidance and legislation. We’d encourage all fans to review the Code of Conduct regularly.

Can you take a lateral flow test at the stadium?

No, there will not be a facility for fans to take a lateral flow test at the stadium.

How do I order lateral flow tests?

Visit to order kits to your front door. You can also pick up tests from pharmacies and other collection points or go to a test site.

Do you need to wear a face covering at the stadium?

You should wear a face covering when indoors, in congested areas, in the Bees Superstore and on public transport. Exemptions apply.


As a Season Ticket Holder, can you get a refund if you no longer wish to attend?

If you do not wish to attend a match at Brentford Community Stadium, we encourage you to use our Ticket Exchange platform where Season Ticket Holders can resell their tickets on a match-by-match basis.