When Brentford FC hosted a Government visit last week there was also an in-depth interview conducted that included reference to The Bees. Oliver Dowden, Secretary of State in the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, was in our new stadium late last month. He met with fans to discuss the Government's 'Fan-Led Review' into the future of football. See more here.

Henry Winter, Chief Football Writer at The Times newspaper, was also present. He met with Mr Dowden after he had finished speaking to Brentford fans and having a tour of our new stadium. The pair spoke in depth for a piece in the newspaper.

In the piece, which can be seen in full here, there was a discussion about Brentford, described as a "well-run, fan-orientated family club" in the article and a "model club" by Mr Dowden. It touch open the owndership of football clubs as well as topics such as safe standing at matches and whether England could host a major football tournament. Brentford FC were delighted to welcome Mr Dowden and Mr Winter to our stadium.