With Premium Season Tickets sold out and Premium Seats and Season Tickets selling well, over 3,500 supporters have secured their place at our new stadium at our Reservation Centre.

Our move is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sit with friends and family. Existing Season Ticket Holders are able to invite up to two existing or new supporters to purchase their Season Ticket with them, as well as grouping with more fans (up to a maximum of 12 ā€“ assuming the group contains at least four Season Ticket Holders). Watch our new video to find out more:

In case you missed it, Early Bird prices at the new stadium will expire on Thursday 30 April and will not increase should we get promoted to the Premier League. It also means that current Season Ticket Holders, Members and their guests will have exclusive access to the Early Bird prices. Full prices, estimated on sale dates and more information about 2020/21 Season Tickets can be found online here. You can also find the answers to frequently asked questions about 2020/21 Season Tickets in our FAQs here.

With 2019/20 Club Memberships still available for only £25 Adults and £5 Juniors, this is another great reason to join near 5,000 current Members and gain priority access to Season Tickets in the new stadium.

Become a Club Member now

Alternatively, you can also join our Season Ticket waiting list at newstadium.brentfordfc.com

*Subject to availability. Season Ticket Holders will be able to buy two additional Season Tickets in the one purchase. These could be for new Season Ticket Holders, or fellow Season Ticket Holders who are in a later priority window group. Season Ticket Holders can also group up with fellow Season Ticket Holders and their 'plus two'sā€™. This will allow you to team up with others that you want to sit with, up to a maximum group size of 12 ā€“ assuming your group contains at least four Season Ticket Holders. This will be strictly monitored and we reserve the right to amend this policy should sales exceed expectations. The make-up of your group may impact on where you can sit ā€“ larger groups with more new fans will need to move to less central locations to ensure that longer term fans are not unfairly displaced.