It is not only our Season Ticket Holders that continue to secure their place at our New Stadium. Businesses and fans alike have taken the step of joining us at our new home by purchasing a Premium Seat.

Whether you are looking to entertain clients, reward staff or simply support The Bees, our Premium Seating offers a hospitality option that is done in a Brentford way. It is perfect for those looking for just that bit more than the regular matchday experience. Businesses and fans have seized the opportunity of getting an affordable matchday hospitality experience in London with:

Why have Businesses purchased Premium seats at our New Stadium?

“We are pleased to support our local club who a lot of our team are very passionate about.  This gives them an opportunity to support their team in person.  We also have an opportunity to take some of our clients who are locally based businesses to experience the fantastic facilities and environment that the new stadium will offer.”

“AJAR Technology celebrates 15 years of business in 2020 and just like Brentford FC we are a small team with a big heart so we think this is a perfect fit for us both. The new stadium not only reflects our own vision of ambition and growth but it will shine a spotlight on the local area and attract more visitors and investors to our doorstep. We believe our staff and customers alike will take great enjoyment of our premium seats and we can’t wait to host them there.”

Take a look at some of the other companies that have joined.

Our Red & White package is now the only remaining Premium Seat offering at our New Stadium. Don’t miss out, simply register your interest below.

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