Disability charity Level Playing Field celebrated their annual ‘Weeks of Action’ campaign earlier this year. Brentford Football Club was proud to support the campaign, designed to showcase the good work being done by clubs and organisations to improve accessibility and inclusion across all sports. After a period of planning and consideration, Level Playing Field had little option but to make this year’s campaign a virtual one, for the first time ever.

Brentford were one of hundreds of clubs to support the campaign, wearing t-shirts ahead of our game away at Blackburn Rovers in mid-March. The key objective of ‘Weeks of Action’ is to raise awareness of good access and inclusion and how it benefits disabled fans and the wider community. Brentford Community Stadium and our new accessible stands are an excellent example of how a matchday experience can be completely changed for a supporter and can bring live games back into their life. See more here.

A report on the Weeks of Action was published last month. Social media, video calls, Q&As, virtual mascots and player support was at the heart of this year’s campaign, as Level Playing Field was joined by over 190 clubs, disabled supporters’ associations, and other organisations across England and Wales to spread this season’s message: highlighting the importance of live sport for disabled sports fans. See the report here.

Level Playing chief executive Owain Davies said: “As always, we are very grateful for the support we receive from all who participated in this year’s Weeks of Action campaign. There was initial trepidation taking a campaign from its traditional routes with matchday activities/events onto a more virtual platform. Like the past year and a half, it has been a case of adapting and making the best impact possible towards our cause of improving the matchday experience and access for disabled sports fans.

“Like most, we look forward to fans being back in the stands and watching live sport together. The importance of watching live sport should never be underestimated and that is why the Weeks of Action campaign is so important.”

Level Playing Field shared the story of the campaign earlier this year. They highlighted the support from clubs and shared some of the work done. See more here or below.

If you would like to keep updated with Level Playing Field’s work, follow them on social media. For more information on the Club’s work on equality, diversity and inclusion, please click here.