The National Citizen Service offered opportunities for teengers up and down the country throughtout the past year, despite the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, and plenty of local youngsters took advantage. Brentford FC Community Sports Trust engages thousands of young people aged 16 and 17, delivering National Citizen Service (NCS), programme funded by the Government. The NCS experience gives young people a clearer idea of what they want from their future. They take on fresh challenges, get a taste of independence and be given a platform to have their voices heard and deliver a social action project that will positively impact their local area.

The latest NCS opportuity was held during the October half term holiday and teenagers aged 15-17, responded by volunteering thousands of hours, to help rebuild their local community with ‘Keep Doing Good’ by NCS. Like last summer, thousands of young people were due to go away on NCS with the aim being to live independently, learn new skills, meet new people and volunteer, to make a positive impact in the community. Instead they volunteered in their local community to plan and deliver a social action project, leaving a positive impact by supporting local food banks, care homes or helping local charities get back up running.

Through the English Football League Trust, over 1.8 million hours of voluntary work has been delivered addressing local and national issues which young people are passionate about such as mental health, the environment and plastic waste. In partnership with EFL Trust, Brentford FC Community Sports Trust won the contract to deliver NCS from 2020 onwards joining 65 delivery partners that will be managed by EFL Trust. For more information, please email the Trust's NCS Manager at [email protected].