Jon Varney, Brentford FC Chief Executive, will take questions from Bees fans at the start of the Annual General Meeting of the Brentford Supporters' Trust ‘Bees United’. The AGM will be held online at 7pm next Wednesday, March 31. The first question will come from BU member Jamie Powell, who has returned to London after medical treatment in Boston partly paid for by funds raised by supporters and significant donations by Brentford FC and Bees United.

To take part you need to be a confirmed member of Bees United by Wednesday, March 24. You can join here. More details of how to register and ask Jon a question can be seen here.

Bees United will be 20 years old this June. The Supporters' Trust began as a pressure group, took majority shareholding in the Club 15 years ago, and then created a partnership with Matthew Benham which led to him becoming the owner. Today BU is a 2,250 strong group of Bees fans with a seat on the Club Board.

The BU Board decided that the 2020/21 season would be a good time to do some housekeeping and have looked at issues such as Conflicts of Interest, GDPR compliance for data protection and copyright. They have also decided to review all rules in order to take account of the changes and developments over these past two decades.

BU members are being asked to vote on the proposals at this year’s Annual General Meeting. Details will be sent out to members. See more here.