Brentford FC Chief Executive Jon Varney has spoken to SportBusiness about life off-the-pitch over the past few months. SportBusiness is a global intelligence service, providing news, analysis, data, consulting and events to executives in the business of sport. It covers life in sport but away from the contests themselves and have done a large piece on The Bees.

Jon sat down with SportBusiness at the start of the month to discuss our new home and leaving Griffin Park. There were questions about our growth in Season Ticket Holders and our premium offering as well as how the Covid-19 outbreak has affected the Club and the ways supporters have assisted when they have not been able to attend matches in person. Other topics included the off-field structure at the Club and sponsorship opportunities.

“At Griffin Park, we had 6,000 Season Ticket Holders and for the new stadium, we had 12,000, so we doubled our Season Ticket base overnight,” Jon told SportBusiness. “Obviously the objective of having the new stadium is to grow our income so that we don’t have a situation where we’re constantly having to look at player trading to balance our books. We want to grow the income and keep our cost base under constant review and management, so it’s incredibly frustrating at the moment because we had started that journey.”

The piece can be seen in full here. SportsBusiness operates a paywall but free access is granted to explore the site. Fans can read the piece and see what else is on offer.