Issue 16 of the Premier League season, which is now available to buy online, features in-depth interviews with Ivan Toney, Dean Holdsworth and Nathan Young-Coombes.

A Kickabout with the Boys. A pantomime villain during our ventures up and down the country, Ivan has continued to lead from the front in the Premier League:

“I feed off the fans getting on to me. It was the same in League One – people would say that I had a pineapple on my head. Every set of away fans would say it. That just gave me more motivation to score and point to my head! All the people out there saying ‘he only scores penalties’ helps as well; I just have another chance to pee them off! I missed those moments when games were played behind closed doors. I love interacting with the fans.”

History Boys. An instrumental part of Phil Holder’s side, Dean Holdsworth scored 38 goals during the 1991/92 season. From his potent partnership with Gary Blissett to an unforgettable afternoon in Peterborough, Dean sat down with Dan Long to reflect on a memorable chapter in his life and career:

“We had some good times, but I think the respect and the camaraderie between the players was so strong that we all looked at each other in a little bit of an Ocean's 11 moment, where they come out and they are at the Bellagio. We actually achieved what we wanted to achieve and you walk away and go, ‘Right, I'm ready for another one!’ That little gold medal makes a hell of an impact on your life.”

Playing with Freedom. With the Middlesex FA Senior Challenge Cup Final on the horizon, striker Nathan Young-Coombes is hoping to fire the B Team to silverware:

“My personality is fitted to this Club and its staff members. Sometimes my personality may be a bit of a hinderance to what some may think of me, but the staff here allow me to be me and that’s what makes me give 100 per cent every day. I know they give that back to me as well.”

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