Reliable Networks, our Official IT Support Partner, have been working with Brentford FC for more than a decade.

First formed in 2005 with the focus of providing first-class, managed IT support and security services to fit within every budget, Reliable Networks offer 24-hour-a-day-seven-days-a-week support. They provide services and solutions such as IT support, cyber security, in-house and cloud infrastructure, disaster recovery and business continuity.

We caught up with Paul Fisher, Managing Director at Reliable Networks, to find out more.

When and how was Reliable Networks formed?

I was working in the IT industry for eight years and realised that the companies I worked for were just interested in selling off-the-shelf products, which often meant that the client had to change their own processes to fit them.

I decided that I could offer a better service where the fundamental aims of my clients’ businesses were the basis on what IT they bought. I set out to understand their business processes and align the technology and support to these and supply what would be of most benefit.

I started Reliable Networks in January 2005 with just myself, providing technology solutions that complement my clients’ businesses rather than disrupting them. All our growth since then has been purely through word of mouth and now we have over 70 clients in sectors including leisure, retail, finance, legal, recruitment and even construction.

What service does Reliable Networks offer its clients?

We provide tailor made IT support and cyber security managed services. Our first priority is to make sure that everything we do is in line with our clients’ business goals.

We have a friendly, open and proactive approach to client needs and aim to always be cost effective.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced most businesses into remote working. What impact has this had on Reliable Networks and the service you provide?

The impact of COVID hasn’t really been that great for Reliable Networks for two reasons: We have been fully cloud-based for over ten years with hosted systems in place and our team is used to remote working, often at client sites. We aren’t dependent on the office to be able to deliver our services.

Also, we employ agile working practices and for some time have had business continuity and disaster recovery plans in place so it was easy to action these when the COVID situation arose. We practice what we preach to our clients!

In the early stages of the pandemic moving our two London-based service desks from the office to home was a daunting prospect but the team were excellent, and, once we added a couple of new processes, the transition was seamless. And it’s still working well today.

With almost a quarter of the year behind us, what are Reliable Networks’ goals for 2021?

Our goals for 2021 are to carry on growing the business with a strong client base and focus on providing our clients with the assistance that they need to create the new safe working environment as we come out of the COVID restrictions.

We know that some businesses will downsize after COVID and some will fail meaning we may lose some existing clients but we hope new ones will join us and that the technology and services we provide will go a long way to safeguarding them in the future.

We believe that planning is key to success and that is what we will be doing with all of our clients, to get them settled securely into the post-COVID workplace.

Reliable Networks has a long-standing relationship with Brentford FC and its Community Sports Trust. How has Reliable assisted both organisations?

We have worked with Brentford FC for over 14 years and the Brentford FC Community Sports Trust for slightly less time. During this period both organisations have been though many changes and we have provided technology solutions and support that have suited their varying needs.

It’s our hope that our endeavours have directly helped them in the journey to the successes that they are both are now enjoying.

The Club is admired for how well it is run both on and off the pitch and, as part of this, their vision and embracing of technology is as refreshing as it is remarkable. Reliable Networks assists in providing secure and structured infrastructure to allow their team to drive the Club forward.

The new stadium technology configuration and handover from the contractors during lockdown was a challenge on many levels. However, it was all managed and delivered on time - the Club is now Premier League ready from a technological point of view.

We have worked with and supported the Brentford FC Community Sports Trust for over 12 years now. We have helped to put them in a position to provide their excellent services at multiple sites across the region from many locations.

We have worked closely with them to ensure that they have the cybersecurity, mobility and technical infrastructure to cope with the ever-changing world in which they both operate and continue to lead be leaders.

How can Bees fans find out more about Reliable Networks?

They can check us out at our website or email us for information at [email protected].

We would love to help Bees fans with any of their business IT and Cyber Security needs - at a discounted rate of course!

They can contact us at the address above or call on 03333 1111 33 for an initial discussion.