The FA has today launched a new football career web page to create greater transparency and awareness of roles available to people across English football and to help football clubs and organisations reach a larger and more diverse audience of candidates. Every organisation which has signed up to the FA’s Football Leadership Diversity Code will be able to advertise vacancies on the platform, which can be found here. Brentford FC signed up to the code when it was launched in October and will immediately start advertising roles there.

The FA launched the Football Leadership Diversity Code for the professional game five months ago. Its aim is to increase equality of opportunity, moving away from recruitment practices focused on personal networks, and ensuring that candidates across the game are recruited from more diverse talent pools. Brentford FC were one of the first clubs to sign the new code and we believe it fits with our BeeTogether ethos that football should be for all.

With the visibility of roles across English football identified as a key issue during the development of the Football Leadership Diversity Code, all signatories have agreed to advertise appropriate roles centrally for at least two weeks to help reach a broader audience and attract more candidates from both within and outside of the game. Brentford FC announced yesterday, Tuesday 9 March, the start of a process to recruit an Independent Non-Executive Director to sit on the Board of Directors. This role will be advertised on the platform and our announcement can be seen here.

Brentford FCs priority objectives are based on our desire to become the most inclusive Club in the country, growing and diversifying our supporter base, delivering outstanding fan and community engagement and increasing our revenues through purpose led commercial partnerships. In order to realise our ambitions, we realise diversity must run through the entire organisation and must start from the top. We are looking for a new person to sit on our Board with the right mix of skills, knowledge and energy to help us do that. In order to complement the skills of our existing directors, we are looking for someone with demonstrable senior experience and skills in the areas of community, supporter or stakeholder engagement. If you are interested, for more details and to apply for this role, please click here.

Since launch, the total of club signatories has risen to 51. In addition to these, the English Football League and several recruitment agencies have committed to being signatories of the Code. For more information on the Football Leadership Diversity Code, click here.

Edleen John, The FA’s Director of International Relations, Corporate Affairs and Co-Partner for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, said: "A key aim of the Football Leadership Diversity Code is to ensure recruitment processes across English football become fairer and more transparent. The launch of the careers platform will support signatory organisations and clubs in reaching a broader and more diverse pool of talent. We hope that this centralised mechanism will create greater visibility and awareness of the roles available across football, which will enable individuals from other industries to consider coming into the game, whilst increasing equality of opportunity for those already in the industry and looking for their next role.

"We are delighted that more clubs continue to sign up to the Code, evidencing their commitment to this important agenda. We truly believe it will lead to positive, long-term change across the game, ultimately changing the landscape of English football for the better."