Earlier today it was confirmed that Brentford will play Arsenal at home on the first day of the 2021/22 Premier League season. The match will be played on the weekend of Saturday 14 August and the precise details will be confirmed once the TV selections have been made. The Bees first away match will be at Crystal Palace the following weekend. A full list of Premier League fixtures can be seen here, we have also picked out the London derby dates here.

Brentford fans will, no doubt, have been plotting their way through the fixture list. While all dates are subject to change, particularly due to the broadcast schedules, the key games will be noted down. Here are some of the big ones.

Game One - Brentford v ArsenalThe Bees start the season on the weekend of Saturday 14 August at home to Arsenal. It will be Brentford's first-ever Premier League fixture and first top-flight game since 1947, the last, when The Bees were relegated, was also against Arsenal. The return fixture is at The Emirates Stadium on the weekend of Saturday 19 February.

Game Two - Crystal Palace v BrentfordThe first Premier League away game will be another London derby, this time against South London side Crystal Palace. There are also back-to-back derbies on 2 and 9 October, with the latter being against UEFA Champions' League winners Chelsea.

Game 14 - Tottenham Hotspur v BrentfordOur first scheduled midweek evening Premier League game is in North London against Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday 1 December. There are only four scheduled midweek matches and all are eye-catching. We face Manchester City home and away on 28 December, officially the Boxing Day fixture, and 9 February respctively. We also host Manchester United under the floodlights on 14 December.

Game 35 - Manchester United v BrentfordOld Trafford is the biggest Premier League venue and our visit will be on the weekend of Saturday 30 April. Bees fans may also look out for the trip to Anfield, to play Liverpool, on the weekend of Saturday January 15 and Goodison Park, to play Everton, on the weekend of Sunday 15 May. We go to Stamford Bridge to play Chelsea on the weekend of Saturday 2 April.

Game 38 - Brentford v Leeds UnitedWe start at home and also finish at home. Leeds United will come to our new stadium on Sunday 22 May, all matches that day will kick-off at 4pm.

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