One of the biggest sports websites in the world has been telling the story of Rico Henry. It is five years and two weeks since Rico joined Brentford as a teenager with a shoulder injury. He is now first choice for Premier League Brentford and played his 126th game for The Bees against Brighton and Hove Albion yesterday.

During the summer, ESPN spoke to Rico about his journey to the Premier League. They also spoke to others around the Club that have worked with Rico, particularly during a few injury set backs. Rico told ESPN it took a while to sink in that Brentford had won promotion to the Premier League, winning the Championship Play-Off Final last season.

"Even like two weeks after, I still couldn't believe it," he said. "Only really started believing when I came in for preseason the first day back and everyone's back, and we got a new kit, new staff.

"That's when it really kicks in that we're in the Premier League. We're playing with Premier League balls now in the training ground. So, that's good. That's when it really kicks in."

The feature can be read in full here.