Brentford FC is joining the EFL's other clubs in a campaign, launched earlier this week, aimed at discouraging the illegal streaming of fixtures. Any illegal streams take revenue away from Brentford FC. And if you watch a pirate stream this week, you are not helping us raise money #ForJamie - see more here.

The outbreak of Covid-19 with matches behind closed doors since June mean that income generated by streaming on iFollow is more important than ever, and remains one of the only income streams available at this challenging time. Illegal streaming, therefore, is having a greater impact on clubs across the EFL whilst supporters are unable to attend matches. The EFL and its clubs could potentially lose around a third of income from illegal streaming this season, a figure which is potentially much higher when factoring in every illegal stream.

Statistics show that over half of sports fans consume sports content from pirate services at least once a month. Over 7,000 illegal EFL streams have been detected so far this season, with an average of 170 people viewing each stream, totaling almost 1.2million people. Supporters in the UK accessing iFollow via a VPN are also accessing the stream illegally. Failure to comply with the terms set out when subscribing to iFollow is a serious breach and allows the EFL to terminate the subscription.

Brentford FC and the EFL  take piracy incredibly seriously. The EFL is working with a specialist security agency to proactively seek out illegal streams on all formats and taking action against businesses and individuals. Supporters are therefore encouraged to report any illegal streams, or pubs that may be showing EFL content unlawfully, by emailing [email protected]. All emails will be treated confidentially.