Brentford Football Club is delighted to announce that Dormeo has become its Official Sleep Partner.

Dormeo has almost 20 years’ experience in delivering a great night’s sleep to millions worldwide and is currently recognised as the world’s fastest-growing sleep brand, offering sleep solutions for every body, every bedroom and every budget.

Dormeo’s multi award-winning Octaspring® Technology has been regarded as one of the biggest innovations in sleep in the last 20 years and is enjoyed by millions worldwide who now fall asleep faster and sleep deeper for longer. Its eco-benefits also impress and lead the charge in strengthening Dormeo’s commitment in creating sustainable sleep comfort that protects the planet.

As The Bees’ Official Sleep Partner, Dormeo looks forward to contributing to performance on the pitch by supporting the Club’s specialised sleep science programme. Frequent measures will be collected to assess how players’ sleep and in turn recovery alter as a result of Dormeo’s multi-award-winning mattresses.

“Learning ability is a big part of sleep,” says Anna West, a Sleep, Recovery and Wellbeing Specialist who has been working with Brentford since 2016. “If a player has had a bad night’s sleep, he might have to learn something ten times the next day instead of five times in order for it to stick.

“We have developed the wrong perception of the warrior - ‘I don’t need as much sleep as he does’ - but once you get players to understand why they need to invest in sleep and recovery, just as much as they invest in training, then you see an improvement in performance.”

Dormeo’s renowned Octaspring® mattresses comprise of hundreds of honeycomb-shaped Octasprings® - the first and only of its kind. In essence, spring coil meets foam with all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks – support without the heat and comfort without the pressure points, resulting in a sleep surface that responds to your body’s position, temperature and adapts to its contours for exceptional comfort, guaranteeing a great night’s sleep at a price that won’t break the bank

Chris Haslam, Head of Athletic Performance at Brentford Football Club, said: “Our philosophy is to invest in the areas that have the greatest influence on both individual and team performance across the season. Besides training, I truly believe quality sleep is the biggest fundamental tool a player can use to reach peak performance on a daily basis. Dormeo’s innovative mattresses will be a real boost for the players’ recovery process.”

Jon Varney, Chief Executive at Brentford Football Club, added: “We’re delighted to have Dormeo, the world’s fastest-growing sleep brand, on board as Official Sleep Partner. This is another significant addition to The Bees’ partnership family; to partner with an organisation of Dormeo’s stature is testament to the outstanding commercial platform we are developing. Our new home and growing supporter base creates an environment for our partners to thrive in a challenging commercial environment. We look forward to a long-standing and mutually beneficial association with Dormeo.”

Mike Pitt, Managing Director at Dormeo UK, commented: “We’ve been growing our brand nationally and overseas for almost 20 years, and now look forward to engaging with as many local Bees fans as possible, both around the stadium on matchdays and in our nearby showroom in High Wycombe. With Brentford’s passion for sports science and drive for performance gains off the pitch, we see a real cohesion between the brands, and look forward to utilising our sleep technology and experience to give the players the edge on matchdays. Everyone at the Club has made us feel very welcome over the last few months and we look forward to developing our relationship further over the coming months and years.”