Brentford Women's B Team conceded a last gasp goal as they were held to a draw by Queens Park Rangers Reserves. An evenly contested derby ended 1-1 with both teams scoring in the later stages. The Bees looked to have won it but QPR struck in the dying moments to earn a draw.

If ever there was a most difficult game for The Bees, this might have been just that. The Bees faced their toughest opponent in the league yet and went toe to toe with them all through the game. The game began fast-paced, with both sides ready and determined to attack. It was a tense match between the two teams right from the get-go, and remained so up until the final whistle.

QPR Reserves put an immense amount of pressure on The Bees from the outset but this was no deterrent to Brentford as they carved out opportunities of their own. An early strike from Kasey Clifford went close, brushing just over the top-left corner. It was a loud and clear declaration to the opposition that The Bees meant business. The Bees defence tightened up, stifling opportunities for the opposition, and putting even greater pressure on the opposition midfield.

There was an excellent save from Sophie Boycott early on while Kasey won a free kick, but the QPR goalkeeper was equal to it. There was no letting up from either side and Rangers upped the pressure, pressing The Bees relentlessly in their own half. But The Bees were resilient and worked to drive the ball out.

The game was pretty even with great attempts for both teams, in particular a Rangers corner, resulting in a header skimming over the bar. Rangers had two chances around the 36th minute mark, reminding The Bees of the threat they posed. However, Brentford only responded by tightening their play in midfield, making even more difficult for the Rangers to penetrate.

It was a more daring second half as both sides sought the first goal desperately. The action resumed in the first minute of the half, as a Rangers strike missed by inches. The Bees also had a chance but the Rangers keeper made a brilliant save, injuring herself in the process.

Brentford were starting to take control and in the 75th minute, Jasmine Williamson finally found a play which saw the ball over the goal line. It was the first goal of a tense match, and the Bees were glad to have taken the lead.

The Bees didn't let up, but in the 88th minute, Rangers got the equaliser when their Kyra Fleary converted a free kick with a great strike. Right until the final whistle, both teams tried their hardest to nudge ahead but neither were able to get the second goal and the game ended one apiece.

Head Coach Will Blithing was pleased with the result, but didn’t shy away from the hope that it could’ve been better. He said: “It was a very good result against a very well drilled side. Even though it was a good result I feel we deserved more than a point out of the game but we take the positives and move onto our next game.”