Brentford Women's B Team suffered their first defeat of the year, with a heavy loss to Queens Park Rangers Reserves. The Bees had won two our of two in 2022 but were beaten on Sunday.

The game started in an intense fashion for both sides, with a constant heavy play on the left from the Rangers. It was an open contest, with players from both sides utilising every corner of the pitch. Unfortunately Rangers outplayed The Bees and left with a victory.

A few minutes in, Rangers delivered the first threat of the game when a shot went wide. Brentford struggled to make headway finding grace through constant clearances, as Rangers pressed for a goal. The opposition was quick to find the ball at every opportunity finding spaces and taking shots but failing to finish. Even a close-range header from a corner failed to hit the net.

Brentford seemed hesitant around the goal but after a close call by Elenora Cottrell, motivation is found as they posed a threat. Rangers found their way to the goal after a premature attempt to catch from Sophie Boycott left the goal open. This was shortly followed by a long ball and a superb run down the middle and then a strike for goal, which Sophie saved with the body block.

A brilliant tackle from Karen Abou-Abdallah failed to deter Rangers and at 21 minutes, they scored their second goal. Brentford's task was made harder by injuries, with one seeing Kasey Clifford stepping in for goalkeeper Sophie just before half-time.

The second half began with heavy attacking from Brentford, and at 54 minutes, Chloe Logie found the goal from a brilliant forward play from Calli Weaver. The game picked up in intensity and Rangers began to struggle to keep up as The Bees broke through their midfield. But Rangers stood firm and then found a breakthrough at the other end, scoring another goal.

Both teams were battling as the pressure mounted up. Rangers knew any drop in pace would have given room for Brentford to catch up and Brentford were in to fight for more goals. There was continuous pressing from both sides, but Rangers found a fourth goal from a corner before grabbing a fifth late on.

Clearly disappointed with the loss, Head Coach Will Blithing said: "Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Cara Graham going off and then back on and Sophie off, on then off again. It was clear that the game plan set out wasn’t good enough. We live and we learn, on to the next one."