Robert Rowan, Brentford Football Club Technical Director, died at the age of 28 on Monday 12 November 2018. Popular with staff, players and fans alike, Robert had been Technical Director for nine months and had been with Brentford for just short of four years. He left a lasting legacy thanks to his work in scouting and the recruitment of players.

Last night, Brentford played their first ever Premier League game and their first top division game since 1947, beating Arsenal 2-0. In the 28th minute last night, Robert's name was sung by fans, who remembered his work. And Robert was remembered in more than one way this week.

In a special feature, Daily Telegraph reporter Sam Dean, looked at Robert's role at Brentford. Sam spoke to Suzanne Rowan, Robert's widow, who explained how Brentford had helped her stay close to her husband. She said Robert would have been proud to see Brentford in the Premier League.

“I feel close to Rob when I am at Brentford," she said. "I always like to think he is close by, especially on game days. It is something to look forward to, walking to the stadium, thinking about him and having conversations with him in my head.

“He was so keen to see Brentford get to this point. I am not sure he genuinely thought it would ever happen but he hoped it would, and obviously he put a lot of work into it. It is hard now, not being able to speak to him about it. I am sure he is watching down and I hope he is proud of himself, because we are all proud of him.”

The feature also looks at Robert's work with Brentford B, the creation of the team and his work in recruiting players. Marcus Forss was one of three B Team graduates to come on in the win over Arsenal and he also spoke to Sam about his relationship with Robert. The article is behind a paywall but can be read here.