Brentford FC Women B Team resumed the season with a great cup win, which included a killer save from goalkeeper Sophie Boycott. With the first game after the Christmas break being a cup qualifier, the team made a great return with their first win in four games. They are now in to the last 16 of the competition.

Facing Leyton Orient for the first time ever, Brentford were ready for action and set to qualify to the next round. It was a fast-paced game from The Bees right from kick-off as they began to weave their way through the opposition in search of a goal. Despite a tricky pitch, they were able to navigate a path and Cheyenne Faulkner took a strike which the opposition keeper was able to save, but it bounced free and Cheyenne quickly slotted the ball to the back of the net.

Leyton Orient responded very quickly with an attempt that slipped wide leaving Brentford feeling threatened, but motivated. The game continued with both sides creating chances and Cheyenne broke through on the right, creating another opportunity which Chloe Logie tucked into the goal. There was a lot of vision and cohesive play displayed by The Bees as they used every opportunity to create chances.

Leyton Orient found their first close opportunity as they made a clear run and strike at the goal. Just as the ball approached the net, Karen intercepted with a slide, sending it inches wide from the post giving the hosts a corner. The tension rose as the opposition show no drop in motivation for goal. In an attempt to dispossess the opposition, goal scorer Cheyenne Faulkner received a yellow card.

The game continued to ebb and flow and at 38 minutes, a corner kick from Lillie Elsbury, gave The Bees their third goal of the game. Though there were arguments on who got the final touch.

Leyton Orient found a great opportunity and with another run straight down the middle of the pitch, used an open strike to send the ball to the back of the net. The first half ended with a 3-1 score line.

The second half saw no further goals, but loads of action from both sides. Leyton Orient fought to comeback into the game and Brentford made attempts to boost their goals and defend their lead. At 64 minutes, Logie found an opportunity and struck the ball, unfortunately hitting the post and then the goalkeeper but not finding the net.

The game continued as so until the last few minutes when a foul saw Cara Graham being sin-binned and a penalty awarded to Orient. Fortunately for The Bees, goalkeeper Sophie Boycott made a phenomenal save. Deservedly she was awarded MOTM.

Head Coach Will Blithing was very pleased with the team’s efforts, and said: "I’m really happy with the result, after not playing since mid-December it was good to get out playing again and to have a full squad again. We played against a side who were good on the ball in difficult conditions, but we took our chances when we had to and held out towards the end with a special mention to Sophie with an unreal penalty save in the last minute."