EcoWorld London are helping Hounslow residents retrain and get opportunities in the construction industry. The company, our development partner for our new stadium, are working with MITSkills, a Brentford-based training provider, to offer construction training for unemployed Hounslow residents. This will include a work experience placement and a job interview.

As well as our new stadium, the Brentford East project includes the construction of more than 900 new homes, a new purpose-built location for Brentford FC Community Sports Trust, and a public square with shops and cafés. As part of the commitment to the local area, uneployed residents of Hounslow borough are being given training opportunities. MITSkills have 20 years of experience in education and within the employment industry and will deliver the course.

The programme, worth £2,000, will last for four to six weeks and there are different options to suit different needs. MITSkills are based in Syon Gate Way, in Brentford, and are working to help local residents. More information can be seen at MITSkills in partnership with EcoWorld.pdf