With the final stages of the 2020/21 football season in progress, most eyes are on the pitch. But it is Brentford's work off the field that has attracted the attention of one of the most well known news organisations in the work. Lorna Falconer, the Club's Head of Football Operations, has spoken at length to CNN.

The interview has been turned in to a video and news piece for the CNN website. It looks at Lorna's career in football and her path to Brentford. It focuses on the challenges she has faced in getting to this point.

Lorna's football journey began at Tottenham Hotspur more than 25 years ago and she has also worked at the Premier League and EFL. In the piece Lorna explains how the Brentford FC culture means that the Club is "open" and "welcoming". The full piece can be seen here.