Brentford has today launched its 1889 heritage shirt in collaboration with supporters' trust Bees United to celebrate the club’s foundation in 1889.

Together, the club and Bees United looked into the history of the Bees to create the 1889 heritage shirt which is a version of the first-ever shirt worn by Brentford.

The first-ever shirt was created based on decisions made by the Brentford FC founding fathers from Brentford Rowing Club.

In October 1889, they agreed that their club colours of claret and blue should also be adopted by the new football club.  

The earliest team photos show a club crest that reflects the spirit of Brentford Rowing Club. It was their idea to start a new winter sport for its members which would be football. The shirts show the BFC initials with a blue zigzag line representing the River Thames on a claret shirt. 

The club’s played its first match against Kew FC in November 1889, a 1:1 draw, and then waited five years to win a trophy, the Middlesex Junior Cup in 1893-4.

Bees United secretary Don Tanswell said: "After unveiling the commemorative plaque for the club's foundation, it's been so exciting to work with Brendan Nevin, Jonathan Burchill and the retail team to realise our original Bees kit designs for fans to celebrate our beginnings."

The 1889 heritage shirt is available to purchase now