The Bees Bulletin podcast has been running for the past couple of years. Using post-match interviews and match audio, BBC Foreign News journalist Stuart Highes has been preparing short podcasts reacting to matches and other key events. And he held a third live video session last night.

Stuart gathered Brentford's lead iFollow commentator Mark Burridge, one of his usual co-commentators Mick Cabble and Club Ambassador Marcus Gayle for a video call. They has a look back at the first two games since the resumption of the Sky Bet Championship season after the Covid-19 pandemic. And they were joined by Brentford FC Chairman Cliff Crown

There was a discussion about the wins over Fulham an West Bromwich Albion as well as what lies ahead for The Bees. Cliff joined in for a wider conversation about the Club as well as what it is like to watch games behind closed doors. Watch the show below.