The season was rounded off with an awards evening on Friday, 17 June for both the Brentford FC Women’s First Team and B Team. Fittingly, the event was held at The Brentford Community Stadium and Club Ambassador Marcus Gayle was in attendance to aid in the handing out of awards.

Firstly, managers player of the season, First Team Head Coach Karleigh Osborne opted for goalkeeper Emily Boycott to pick up this award. Will Blithing, manager of the B Team, chose centre back Cara Graham as his choice.

Player’s player of the season went to Amber Langston Lloyd for the First Team and Lillie Elsbury for the B Team. The most improved player award went to midfielder Sophie Troth for the First Team and Chloe Kaur Boparai for the B Team.

There was recognition for what sometimes can be referred to as the hardest thing to do in football and that is sticking the ball in the back of the net. Ellen Wardlaw was the First Team’s top goal scorer, bagging herself nine throughout the season. Chloe Logie claimed this award for the B Team having netted an impressive 18 times for The Bees. The runner up top goal scorer was Rebekah Edwards for the First Team with seven and Cheyenne Faulkner for The B side scoring ten.

There was an abundance of people who were rightly recognised for all the important work they do to aid the running of Brentford’s Women’s teams; for their service they received an appreciation award. The list comprised of Jane Holmes, Peter Troth, Ollie Cottis, Charlotte Tanner, Cameron Crook, Tommy Ryan Maynard, Will Blithing, Sean Hillier and Karleigh Osborne.

Finally, four people received the Brentford FC award for outstanding achievements this season. They were Kasey Clifford, Gemma Goodwin, Sophie Boycott and Mollie Holmes.