One of the more unusual stories to come out of Brentford's Premier League debut was that a small town thousands of miles away that shares the same name was now behind The Bees. As Brentford were beating Arsenal in the first game of the 2021/22 Premier League season, a special watch party was behind held. The people of the small town of Brentford, in South Dakota, United States of America was giving The Bees their support.

In a special news story from Joe Prince-Wright of NBC, who joined us in West London for the game on Friday night, investigated the only two places in the world called Brentford. One, readers will know all about. The other is in South Dakota with a population of 99, 4,173 miles away.

Decked out in Bees jerseys, locals in Brentford, SD gathered at the local tavern at 2pm local time on Friday to watch a team with their town name a continent away play in the Premier League. The town of Brentford, SD was founded in 1905 and named for Brentford, England, which was the hometown of an employee of the Minneapolis and St. Louis railroad. He suggested this name at the time the town was founded, the connection between the two towns was made and 116 years later, the bond is stronger than ever.

Meagan Williams, a resident of Brentford, SD, said: “The town of Brentford is extremely excited to cheer on the Brentford Football Club in the UK.“Being in such a small community, word spread fast about this occasion and everyone is eager to join in and show our support to our twin city across the globe. It is so nice to be able to do something positive and come together to celebrate the only other Brentford in the world.

“Our community feels a sense of connection to the Brentford in the UK. Having a few community members visit the ‘other’ Brentford and having had a visitor from Brentford, UK come to our small town, we feel a sense of kinship to a town that is 4,173 miles from our own. It feels like a secret we share with their community that no one else can be a part of. Brentford Football Club is a form of bridging a gap between two completely opposite, yet partially related communities.”

The full story is available on the NBC Sports website here.