Brentford Football Club is proud to support Bees for Development, the global charity that makes life better with bees.

Since 1993 Bees for Development has promoted sustainable beekeeping to combat poverty, help people to build resilient livelihoods and care for nature.

Bees are great team players: the success of a honey bee colony depends on huge commitment, communication and effort. A honey bee gives back more than she takes: bees pollinate wildflowers, and much of the food we eat. Bees also provide delicious honey and other good products to harvest, making them a wonderful way to build a resilient living for people who have little.

By buying a Brentford FC x Bees for Development T-Shirt, you’ll be supporting Bees for Development’s amazing work around the world. All profits from each £15 sale go directly to the charity. Grab your tees for the bees here from

In Amhara, Ethiopia, the removal of forest and overgrazing by cattle has led to reduced crops and life-threatening flooding. Bees for Development are assisting local communities to restore damaged land by planting 60,000 trees, resulting in forest regeneration, increased biodiversity, and good habitat for bees. Beekeeping offers a win-win solution to poverty and environmental degradation.

People with disabilities have fewer opportunities to make a living in Uganda and are often marginalised. Blindness and deafness need not be barriers to beekeeping, as long as well-designed and adapted support is given. Bees for Development’s experienced local team provide disability-specific training, empowering people to earn an independent living.

In Ghana, COVID-19 has caused people to move to rural areas as urban employment disappears. Around Digya National Park, people need to create income in ways that protect the forest - and beekeeping fits the bill. Bees for Development will train more than 200 people to become good beekeepers, and help find ways for them to sell their honey. Grab a Brentford FC x Bees for Development T-Shirt now and help make life better with bees, with 100 per cent of profits going direct to the charity.

Making hives for bees in Ghana

Bees for Development offer a range of unique, award-winning Courses in the UK. Click here to find out more.

Grab your Brentford FC x Bees for Development T-Shirt now and help make life better with bees.

Brentford FC x Bees for Development T-Shirt