University of West London (UWL), a Founder Partner of Brentford Football Club, has backed a campaign to reduce the risks of players of all ages and all levels of sport receiving life-changing brain injuries on the field.

The University is encouraging people to get involved in a ‘Hakathon’ from Friday 26 March to Sunday 28 March, that will bring together the brightest minds in healthcare, sport, and technology to come up with solutions to prevent, diagnose and treat head injuries and concussion.

Hackathons started as software development ‘brainstorms’ and developed into a global movement for rapid technological innovation. Health Hackathons use the same principle of rapid innovation but apply it to real world health challenges.

You may have caught the deliberate spelling mistake (Hakathon). In recognition of Love the Game’s rugby links, and a not-so-subtle hint at potential Hakathon energiser activities, they have endeavoured to put the Haka into this Hakathon and hope when you attend you bring the same energy, passion and whimsy to whichever team you work with.

Run by Love of the Game, a community of athletes, fans, and experts, the two-day Hakathon hopes to create innovations that have real world applications that will improve the lives of those that love and play sport.

Professor Peter John, Vice-Chancellor of UWL, who will be judging the competition said: “It will be inspiring to see academics, developers, scientists and sports lovers coming together to make a real difference to sport safety. We’re also encouraging people to back the campaign and to commit to working with us in the future. It’s great see local clubs like Brentford FC pledging their support and doing their bit for the future of sport.”

Activities to address the issue of head injuries in sport link back to ongoing research from UWL’s Geller Institute of Ageing and Memory where researchers are leading on dementia care and studies.

Find out more about the campaign, and how you can offer your support, here.