Brentford FC has been continuing its support for racial equality and joined with Norwich City to give anti-discrimination message. Football has been showing solidarity against racial discrimination in a variety of ways since the summer and our players have joined in. They have worn t-shirts to share our #BeeTogether message, the Club's policy on diversity and inclusion, and have also taken a knee before kick-off at many games, as happened before the game on Tursday.

Not Today or Any Day is the EFL’s anti-discrimination message. Launched last season, the ‘Not Today or Any Day’ campaign aims to encourage behavioural and attitude changes at all levels of EFL football and ensure that a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination is embedded throughout clubs, particularly at Brentford. Brentford players wear shirts with the logo on them as a further mark of the Club’s commitment to racial equality.

This follows a statement from the Club this summer further outlining our position on Bee Together. That can be seen here. The Club also released an updated video reiterating our stand against racism and discrimination. Under the #BeeTogether banner, the video features Brentford players, fans and staff, and stresses the importance the Club places on togetherness and unity. See it here.