Brentford Women B Team made cup progress with a comprehensive win. The Bees beat Alexandra Park 9-0 in their first cup tie of the season. The team were buzzing from a spectacular performance on Sunday afternoon after a astounding win and a clean sheet.

Head Coach Will Blithing was very pleased with the result this weekend and said: "It was a great way to bounce back from last week’s defeat. It gave the girls an opportunity to get some good minutes into them and allowed us to start bringing some players back from injury. It’s always a good feeling to progress in the cup, and we hope to take the same level of performance into next week’s game."

Right from kick off The Bees were on the attack, making multiple runs for goal. It was clear they were hungry for a win after defeat in last week’s game. With a great attempt within minutes by Karen Abou-Abdallah hitting the crossbar, The Bees found the net, but it was ruled offside.

The drive was high as the Bees controlled possession and dominated in the oppositions half with Connie Malone making the play brilliantly from the right. The Bees were pressing forward and having efforts on goal. Half a dozen chances came and went and Charlotte Halpin found a way to drive a shot from within the box, but it unfortunately hit the post leaving them inches away from a lead.

Alexandra Park were pressed deep but managed to attack on the break. They won a free kick just yards outside the box, but fortunately Sophie Boycott made a phenomenal save and The Bees played straight back to the other half where they attempted yet another shot.

With great defence from Sarah O’Conor keeping the ball out of Brentford's half, the ladies had no problem making the most of every opportunity, and at the 29th minutes they hit the back of the net from a great finish by Cheyenne Faulkner. Within minutes, a corner was seen to by Cheyenne Faulkner once again. She sent the ball to the back of the net, putting The Bees up 2-0.

It was clear The Bees were hungry for goals as they made continuous great shots at up until the end of the first half which ended 2-0. The Second half started with no drop in mindset as a minute in, Jasmine Williamson struck a beautiful shot in. The Bees moved up 3-0, and there was little time for celebration as Jasmine King found the back of the net from a corner kick by Lillie Eisbury two minutes later.

The Bees were comfortable with their lead, but no less driven to score. as they failed to convert a corner kick to a goal, fed powerfully from Lillie Eisbury. On the counter-attack after an attempt by Alexandra Park, Jasmine Williamson and Pia Williams found themselves in the clear. Williamson fed Williams the ball and she drove it home, securing the fifth goal.

Alexandra Park pressed on to The Bees in the midfield, but the girls broke free after a little hassle at the halfway line, and a brilliant strike by Pia Williams put the Bees up 6-0. It was another case of few minutes going by, when Charlotte Halpin scored her debut goal for the team with a great strike to the top right corner after being fed a wonderful assist from Jasmine Williamson, making the score 7-0.

The Bees maintained dominance finding themselves mostly in the box leaving little room for the opposition to attack. Alexandra Park players were able to make a break from a goal kick, but Chloe Kaur Boparai intercepted, and Brentford regained control, feeding Sarah O’Connor with chances to find the net.

It was a cohesive performance from the Bees, with a clear goal for every player; to find the back of the net and the many shots, strong defence and clear score line showed the success. Alexandra Park were determined not to let up and strongly occupied the midfield, but The Bees out their way out yet again and Jasmine Williamson sent the ball over the opposition’s goalkeeper’s head. That left it 8-0 to Brentford, with 15 minutes remaining.

There was no letting up from The Bees as they continued to play in the opposition’s half through corners, throw ins and multiple shots, giving the opposition keeper ample work. In the 85th minute, Cheyenne Faulkner took the game to 9-0, scoring herself a hat-trick with a simple touch sliding the ball past the Alexandra Park goalkeeper to end the scoring.