The Chairman of Bees United, the Brentford Supporters' Trust, has spoken to the Bees Bulletin ahead of the upcoming 2021 AGM. The AGM will be held online at 7pm today, Wednesday March 31. And ahead of the meeting, Stewart Purvis, Bees United Chairman and a Brentford FC Director, spoke to Bees Bulletin, which produces Brentford FC content and is best known for its matchday podcasts.

It was announced earlier this month that Jon Varney, Brentford FC Chief Executive, will take questions from Bees fans at the start of the Bees United Annual General Meeting. The first question will come from BU member Jamie Powell, who has returned to London after medical treatment in Boston partly paid for by funds raised by supporters and significant donations by Brentford FC and Bees United. Only members can take part.

Bees United will be 20 years old this June. The Supporters' Trust began as a pressure group, took majority shareholding in the Club 15 years ago, and then created a partnership with Matthew Benham which led to him becoming the owner. Today BU is a 2,250 strong group of Bees fans with a seat on the Club Board. You can join here.