Late last month, as part of Kick it Out's #TakeAStand campaign, we celebrate the contribution of black players and staff in an online conversation. We took the time to reflect on some of the challenges we still face and discuss how we can work together to make a lasting and positive difference both at our Club and across the football industry. We streamed this webinar live for the first time on Thursday 29 October as part of Black History month and BBC journalist Alistair Magowan was one of those listening in. You can see that stream here.

Hosted by talkSPORT and Guardian Podcast Presenter, Max Rushden, the panel that night included Monique Choudhuri (Brentford FC Board Director and Champion for Diversity and Inclusion) and Lorna Falconer (Brentford FC Head of Football Operations). Alistair wanted to explore their roles in more depth and look at how Brentford FC has women in key roles. He looked at our aim to be the most inclusive Club in the UK as part of our ongoing BeeTogether initiative.

"We come from the basis that human decision-making is flawed and that we all have bias," Monique told Alistair. "Because we're so big at using data to inform our decisions on how we pick players, we started to see if we could use data to challenge our own assumptions in the way we ran the club. If you have many people from many different backgrounds around the table you are going to get a better competitive advantage because you're thinking about things from a different point of view. If you're all the same person, all thinking the same, guess what? You're going to wake up tomorrow and you're going to all think the same again."

Alistair spoke to Lorna about her role as the Club's Head of Football Operations. She outlined what she does and how she helps our players, as well as some of the challenges she experiences. Rico Henry also spoke about the way Lorna helped him after his move from Walsall to Brentford in 2016 when he has just turned 19.

See the full feature here