BBC Sport have looked in-depth at Brentford as the start of the Premier League season approaches. Brentford will kick-off the 2021/22 campaign on Friday, when Arsenal at the visitors to our new stadium. It will be our first top division game since 1947.

As part of their preview of the season, BBC Sport have looked at how we reached the Premier League. They looked back to December 2007, when The Bees were close to the bottom of the EFL. They spoke to Kevin O'Connor, who played for Brentford then and who is now part of the coaching staff, about his memories of those times.

"The canteen doubled up as a gym," Kevin told the BBC. "The kit man doubled up as the chef. "He was a lovely chap but he could only make beans on toast or spaghetti on toast."

The feature also includes words from Phil Giles, Co-Director of Football, on how The Bees have used their strategy to climb in to the top tier. Brentford fan Ian Westbrook also adds his thoughts. Read it here.