Brentford FC announced earier this week the start of a process to recruit an Independent Non-Executive Director to sit on the Board of Directors. Key Board objectives are based on our desire to become the most inclusive club in the country, growing and diversifying our supporter base, delivering outstanding fan and community engagement and increasing our revenues through purpose led commercial partnerships. In order to realise our ambitions, we realise diversity must run through the entire organisation and must start from the top.

The announcement, and public reiteration of our aim to be the most inclusive club in the country attracted the interest of the BBC. Director Monique Choudhuri was a guest on the BBC Football Daily podcast 72+. She spoke about the appointment of a new Non-Executive Director and a range of topics, including her experiences in football. Listen below.

This week's announcement can be seen in full here. We are looking for a new person to sit on our Board with the right mix of skills, knowledge and energy to help us do that. In order to complement the skills of our existing directors, we are looking for someone with demonstrable senior experience and skills in the areas of community, supporter or stakeholder engagement. If you are interested, for more details and to apply for this role, please click here.

The topic was also discussed on the Price of Football podcast.