Jürgen Klopp described Brentford as a “super difficult opponent” after the Bees fell short in a 3-0 defeat at Anfield, but overall Thomas Frank’s team are showing improvement against ‘big six’ sides.

“Top performance, top result, super difficult opponent," Klopp said after the game. “Whatever happens on the pitch, they will have a set-piece and if they have one, how horrible is that? And then outside of set-pieces, they have really good ideas.

“More than 20 years ago when I started my career [with Mainz 05], I wanted to create a team that nobody wants to play against, and we faced that team today.”

This was Brentford’s best performance at Anfield since promotion to the Premier League. As Thomas Frank said himself, the team have never created so many chances on the road against Liverpool.

In total, the Bees had 16 shots with three of those on target, which is more than in 2022/23 (five shots, one on target) and 2021/22 (six shots, one on target) combined – clear signs of improvement at a tough ground.

It’s always little consolation, but Brentford did end the game with a better xG than the Reds – 1.66 xG compared to Liverpool’s 1.57.

“What lacked was the big moments,” Frank admitted after the game. “We didn't take the big moments today, in our chances and especially in their second and third goal.”

Indeed, had Alisson Becker not managed to get an outstretched hand in the way of Bryan Mbeumo’s effort midway through the first half it could have been a different game.

That improvement year on year at Anfield is reflective of stronger performances against the traditional ‘top six’ clubs in the Premier League (with apologies to Newcastle United).

In Brentford’s first Premier League season, the Bees recorded 10.75 shots per game against ‘top six’ clubs on average and 3.76 shots on target. Last season saw a reduced number of the overall average of shots (8.67) but better efficiency with an improved average of 3.84 shots on target.

This season however, Brentford have played ‘top six’ sides on four occasions and the numbers so far are much improved. The average number of overall shots per game is up to 11.25 while the average shots on target is up to 4.25.

There are still eight more games to play against those sides this season – including the visit of Arsenal after the international break – but it shows the problems Brentford create on a regular basis.

Going back to Klopp, he knew exactly what to expect from the Bees, but his in-form Reds still found difficulties: "The chances they had in the first half, I can't remember who played the pass for Mbeumo [Mathias Jensen], but the whole situation, oh my God, these things could have happened much more often.

"These moments, horrible. Couldn't respect it anymore, but they're horrible.”

Brentford fans will be hoping that more managers of the big sides are horrified by the belligerent Bees this season.