Dear fellow Bees,

I just wanted to give you a short update on my progress as so many of you have shown such incredible generosity and support towards me and my family during these difficult times.

As you’re probably aware, I am now in Boston and today received my nineteenth treatment out of 39 in total. After a rough start in which I had to be admitted to hospital for just over a week due to my last bout of chemotherapy, I was very well looked after by the staff at MGH and soon made a quick recovery in order to start on my proton treatment.

Everything I’ve seen so far from my treatment plan looks very positive and I really feel that I’m in the best possible hands. It is however a long process and it won’t be until further on down the line that I’m back in the UK and had a few more scans that will give me my final results.

I feel good, strong and positive, although sometimes a bit tired. I still manage to log on and watch all of our games through iFollow and with so many being played at the moment it provides me with a welcome distraction. It is very humbling to hear the commentators talk about me in such a kind way.

I do obviously get the odd down day when I feel low, but when that happens I just look at my webpage and start reading all of the wonderful comments and messages of support that I have received from the Club, players, staff, and everyone who has gone out of their way to promote my story and most of all the fans, as together you’re the ones who have given me this chance. When I read these it makes me feel so much stronger, happier and even more determined to beat this. Everyone involved has been incredible and the support overwhelming. I honestly do not believe there is another club like it in the country. I really don’t.

So, I would like to thank you all again so much for all the support you have shown me.

This just leaves me to say, out of the four tiers we now find ourselves in, if we can just get ourselves into tier one then I think we’ll all be in a much happier place!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, Bees fans.

All the best,

Jamie Powell.