Women in Football has undertaken its biggest-ever survey and in response to findings that two thirds of women have experienced gender discrimination in the workplace, has restated its purpose with a new manifesto and brand. Women in Football a network of professionals working in and around the football industry who support and champion their peers. Monique Choudhuri, a Brentford FC Director, is on the Board of Women in Football and is involved in the Club's diversity and inclusion drive, highlighted under Bee Together.

The results of the joint collaboration with Sports Marketing Surveys, sent out to over 4,000 members, reflect just why Women in Football is as relevant today as ever. It also shows that while progress has been made in some areas, there is still plenty of work to do to ensure that the football industry is equal for all. News on the survey can be seen here and Women in Football has also gone through a rebrand which is explained here.

Brentford FC has women in many senior positions across the organisation and is fully in support of the aims of Women in Football. It is time for change.