We have taken the decision not to sell any more Season Tickets for the 2021/22 season. This will enable us to have a good number of tickets on sale on a match-by-match basis for Members and is also a prudent decision in the light of the recent restrictions on ground capacity.

Therefore, if you don’t have a Season Ticket and want to come and watch the Bees at home this season, you will need to buy a 2021/22 Membership. My Bees Members will have priority access to available home Match Tickets. The sales process for Members for both 2021/22 home and away Match Tickets is outlined below.

The Club has been in consultation with both BIAS and Bees United as representatives of our supporters, whilst putting these processes together, and we thank them for their input.

Home Premier League Match Tickets will typically go on sale approximately 6 weeks before the scheduled game (with the exception of our August fixtures).  Home games will be either Category A or Category B based on the opponent we are facing.

Please see the Match Category breakdown below:

Further information on Match Ticket pricing and on-sale dates will follow soon.

Category A games

50 per cent of available Match Tickets will be sold to Members who meet the minimum TAPs threshold for that game. This threshold will be determined by the TAPs profile of those who take up Membership. The remaining 50 per cent will go on sale to all Members. 100 tickets will also be ringfenced for an under 18s Lucky Dip. Tickets will go on sale in the following order:

Category B games

100% of available Match Tickets will go on sale to all Members. Tickets will go on sale in the following order:

There will be a number of designated Category B games in the second half of the season prioritised for Members who have not previously had a chance to attend a game. These matches will be revealed later in the season. This pledge is only available if the stadium is operating at full capacity during the season and only to Members who sign up before 27 July.

Away Premier League Match Tickets will go on sale approximately 6-8 weeks before the scheduled game (with the exception of our August fixtures). Match Tickets will go on sale in the following order:

Should any Match Tickets remain available after these windows, they will then go on sale to all Members who are yet to purchase.

The Ticket Exchange will be in operation for the 2021/22 Season. It will be switched on when all home tickets are sold out.

Season Ticket Holders who are unable to attend will be able to list their ticket on their ticketing account at any time and, once a fixture is sold out, Members will have an exclusive window to purchase them on exchange.brentfordfc.com.

As we get closer to the date of the fixture, any remaining Match Tickets on the Ticket Exchange may also be made available to Season Ticket Holders.

More detailed information on the Ticket Exchange will follow, prior to the on-sale date for our first Premier League fixture against Arsenal.

There will be an extremely limited number of Premium Seat Packages available on a match-by-match basis. Premium Seats will be available to Season Ticket Holders and Members only subject to availability.

Home cup matches will be categorised as either Category A, Category B or Category F (Family). Season Ticket Holders will have first priority to purchase their seat for cup matches. Any remaining Match Tickets for home cup matches will then be made available for purchase by Members following the same rules outlined above for Category A and Category B home Premier League games. Match Ticket purchase windows and priorities for any Category F fixtures will be confirmed by the Club at the time. Tickets for away cup matches will be sold on the same basis as for away league games.