Saman on Leicester City ...

It means a lot. It feels like wherever I go I hear about the Emirates FA Cup so I understand the importance of it.

They are a really strong team. I didn’t see any weaknesses against Chelsea. They are top players. It will be a really hard game on Sunday.

All the games are important. The league is the most important but the next game is always the most important. Now we face Leicester and we want to go as far as we can.

Saman on taking confidence from Tottenham ...

We have to believe in ourselves. The Tottenham game was amazing. OK we lost 2-0 but I didn’t think it showed in the game. We were inches away from 1-1 and then you never know what would happen. They are a top Premier League team and that is who we want to compete against.

Saman on working with Thomas ...

Thomas is so energetic, and he gives you confidence. Even when you think you have played well he gives you some critique to push you even more. Every day he will show you clips about what you did well and what you can do better. I’ve only been here a short time and I already feel better. I can’t wait to just keep improving with him.

Saman on standards demanded ...

We have a great team. We have some good players and the players become better because of the team we have. We have an amazing staff who keep improving us. We have an idea that we all believe in. When you have this goal, it makes you stronger.  We are like a family. We have a connection; we all want to fight together to achieve these goals.

You can see how much we are fighting in how intense the training is. Since I arrived I haven’t seen one sloppy training. All the coaches push us. If you are sloppy in training, you will be sloppy in games. Of course you can have bad games, for many reasons, but I have never seen one bad training session here.

Saman on settling in ...

It has been both difficult and easy. The Covid situation made it more difficult and I couldn’t settle down as easily as I would normally do. However, the team has helped me a lot. We have a lot of really nice guys here and I feel so blessed and happy to be here. I am really enjoying it here.

It was a big shock. Three games every week and none of them are easy games. All the games are really tough and so intense. After the games you are completely dead. My head is hurting because I am thinking so much. It is an intense league but I really like it.

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