The Injury Latest

"Henrik Dalsgaard will be assessed today and tomorrow to see if he can play."

Rotherham United

"I would like to praise Paul Warne and the leadership of Rotherham United. They clearly have a good strategy. They know what they want, and they clearly try to build a Club that, from the outside, looks very well run. Rotherham are high pressing and very aggressive, and are very good at it. They don’t only try and play long ball; they try to pass it when they can. When they play relatively direct, they try to pick up on the second balls. Those, and set-pieces, are the key areas we need to be bang on. The good news is that we have been good on that so far this season, but we can’t let it drop. On the ball is where we need to show our quality and some personality."

The intense run of games

"If you win, you want to carry onto the next one and build that momentum. If you lose, the next game is just around the corner so you can turn it around. This is what it is, so you need the get the best out of it. You need the best football strategy to win as many games as possible. Clubs and Managers are doing that differently. We have discussed a lot with the coaching staff, sports science, and medical staff what is the best way so that we perform at the highest level every single game.

"We are trying to do things a bit differently to gain the little percentages here and there. Today we are meeting a bit later so people could have the morning at home to give them a little bit more family time. Sometimes we give them a day off when we wouldn’t normally give them a day off. The messages, the information flow, we try to do differently. Physically we are very fit and very strong, so it is about that freshness. That feeling of who is in a good place so they can keep going and who is maybe struggling, that we need to rest."

The Squad

"I am satisfied with my squad. I think we have a good squad so there is no reason to do anything big. Let’s see where we are in a month with injuries and so on but right now we are happy. And we are not selling."

Our unbeaten run

"We are now unbeaten in seven. We are in a very good place defensively with good structure and organisation. We need to build on that. The players are hungry, and they want to push. We are ready to attack."

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