Official Fan Groups

Brentford Football Club has regular meetings and consultations with two official fan groups: Bees United and Brentford Independent Association of Supporters (BIAS). 

Bees United 

Brentford Football Community Society Limited (Company number IP29244R), or Bees United (BU) as it is more commonly known, is the Brentford FC Supporters Trust and is authorised by the FCA. Bees United's role, through its democratically elected Board, is to represent BU members, supporters and the community of the Club, as governed by its rules and controlling statute.

Bees United exists to safeguard Brentford Football Club so that it has a stable and sustainable future as a professional football club.

Bees United has a non-executive director on the Board of Brentford FC who is the BU Chair, Stuart Hatcher, [email protected]

  • Bees United holds an annual meeting of its members where a Board is elected and the BU Board asks members to accept the annual accounts.

  • Uniquely in the Premier League, Bees United holds a ’BU special share’ in the Club (a form of 'golden share') which gives BU the right to veto the sale of the Club’s stadium unless that sale will enable a bona fide move to a new stadium that meets certain requirements. 

  • Bees United was the Club owner from 2006 to 2012, when it stabilised the Club and brought in Matthew Benham, initially as an investor but then ultimately as the owner of the Club.

  • During that period of BU ownership, the generosity of thousands of fans and Bees United members enabled BU to raise millions of pounds for the Club through donations and loans. Before that too, fans played their own special role in the survival of the Club (going back to the infamous 1967 proposed takeover by QPR).

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BIAS has been in existence since 1998 and we are a fully democratic, inclusive, non-profit and independent supporter’s group that aims to give a voice to all Brentford Football fans. We are run by fans, for the fans of Brentford Football Club (BFC).

We are wholly independent of Brentford Football Club, but seeking an ongoing, proactive and pragmatic dialogue with them. As a truly independent organisation, BIAS has no hidden or complicated agenda. The volunteers who form the Executive Committee simply do everything they can to ensure the Association is as powerful, capable, and respectful in its operations, ensuring that Brentford fans the world over are heard and given the voice they deserve.

The purpose of the Association is to help fans to join together and strengthen their influence over the way their club is run, and to improve the links between their club and the community it serves.

Our focus is to improve the experience and pleasure of the matchday event for all Brentford fans, home or away.

We firmly believe that many voices are stronger than one, and that the best way to influence the club is to represent as many fans as possible, not just ourselves. We exist to provide Brentford fans with an independent voice with the Club to raise issues or concerns.

BIAS acts as co-chair of the Fan Advisory Board (FAB) that is run by the club and forms part of the Premier League’s Response to the Government White Paper on Football governance and is a key element of their new Fan Engagement Standard. Whilst the FAB itself focuses on the more strategic and long-term elements of the club’s off-field operations, there are multiple working groups which focus on the day to day issues that affect Bees fans. BIAS fully participates in each of these working groups.

BIAS is managed by an Executive Committee who act on behalf of our members. Committee members are elected by the membership in line with the BIAS Constitution. As a result Committee members are fans, the same as any of you and are not paid by or recompensed in any other way by Brentford FC or anyone else.

BIAS is an also an affiliate member of the Football Supporters Association (FSA). The FSA is the national, democratic, representative body for football supporters in England and Wales, who are the leading advocates for supporter ownership, better fan engagement, cheaper ticket prices, the choice to stand at the match, protecting fan rights, good governance, diversity, and all types of supporter empowerment.  You can find out more about them here.

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Other Brentford FC supporter fan groups:


Formed in August 2016, LGBeeTs is the supporters group for LGBTQ Bees fans. 

Their aim is for all fans to be able to support and follow Brentford FC home and away safely, without fear, and without hearing homophobic, biphobic or transphobic abuse. 

They believe that with better visibility and support for LGBTQ fans, and by working together the group can make this happen. This could be through a flag on show in the ground, marching Pride in London with Buzz or wearing rainbow laces, or by meeting with the Club to help support them in making Brentford a Club for all fans. 

The group is open to LGBTQ Bees fans and allies within the Brentford family and they welcome all fans who believe football should be for everyone to get in touch and join the group! 

Email: [email protected] 

Twitter: @LGBT_Bees 

Instagram: lgbeet_brentford 

Lifeline Society 

The Brentford Lifeline Society was formed back in January 1986 and remains one of the few such societies still in existence. Over the past 35 years it has remained true to its title as a lifeline to the Football Club during times where the Club wasn’t always at the level it is today and the support it offers is as integral today as it ever was.   

To join The Brentford Lifeline Society for just £2 a week please email [email protected] and request an application form. 

West Country Bees

The West Country Bees are an independent group dedicated to supporting Brentford Football Club; its prime aim is to provide a focal point and travel service for Bees Supporters who live to the West of Bristol and Bournemouth.

Kindly sponsored by the Club, the West Country Bees provide a Minibus, starting in North Devon and travelling down the M5 and M4 corridors to most home games played on a Saturday, returning the same evening, and to certain selected away fixtures throughout the season. All are welcome to travel on the bus, which will leave the motorway for up to ten minutes to pick up and drop off. Discounts are available for young people and the bus is great value for money and great fun.

To get in touch with the West Country Bees and to find out some more please go to their Facebook page, or contact either Clive Johnson or John Stansfield via email or [email protected] or [email protected].