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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're stuck for an answer to a question then you've found the right place. Below you'll find a range of frequently asked questions that we've tried to answer for you. If for some reason you can't find what you're looking for then it might be worth having a look at one of the following:

If this still doesn't answer your query, please find various contact details online here. One of our team will be pleased to help you.

For step by step help on a number of ticketing topics, please consult our 'How to' guides

Q: Can I buy Match Tickets online?
A: Match Tickets are sold online, however eligibility criteria will apply for most games.

Q: How do I log in to my account online?
A: You can log in here to your account.

Q: Which ticket category should I buy?
A: You should purchase the ticket that reflects your age as of 1 August in the given season. Our ticketing categories are as follows:

Adult - 25-64
Seniors - 65+
Young Persons - 18-24
Juniors - Under 18

Q: Can I purchase a ticket in the Away Stand at the stadium?
A: Please contact the visiting club's Ticket Office, they will issue all tickets for the Away Stand.

Q: How can I choose my seat online?
A: Once you are logged into your account and have chosen a particular game, choose the "Click here to select seats" button. This will take you to the stadium plan; here you can choose the stand, block and seats required.

Q: How can I buy a Family Area Match Ticket?
A: To purchase a Match Ticket in the Family Area, you must be accompanied by a Junior. Most of the tickets in the Family Area have been sold to Season Ticket Holders but there may be limited Match Tickets available. 

Q: When the Club uses Ticket Access Points to help manage access to tickets, can we purchase on behalf of our Friends and Family?
A: Fans who qualify (via their TAPs) will be able to Match Tickets for fans in their Friends and Family group who also qualify. For example, if fans need 2,000 Ticket Access Points to buy on the first day of sales and fan A has 2,200 TAPs and five other fans in their Friends and Family group; two of whom have 2,000+ TAPs and three have less than 2,000 TAPs. Fan A can therefore buy three Match Tickets – one for each of the people who have 2,000+ TAPs. If Fan A wants to buy for himself and all five Friends and Family in one group then he/she will need to wait until the fan with the lowest number of TAPs qualifies for access.

Q: What do I do if I don't know my login details?
A: If you do not know your login details and you know you have an account, please DO NOT register a new account as this may result in your Ticket Access Points for purchases being split between two accounts. Call or email the Box Office at with your name, address and fan number – you will then be sent temporary login details to access your account.

Q: Why can't I log in and buy tickets?
A: This could be for a number of reasons. The most likely reason is that you do not meet the criteria to purchase, i.e. you are not a Season Ticket Holder, Member or do not have required number of Ticket Access Points to purchase at that particular time. If that's not the case please do contact the Box Office on 0333 005 8521.

Q: How do I change Adult rate to Senior or Junior in the basket?
A: Select the drop-down menu where it says Adult, you'll see other options there. Select the one you require and update the basket. You should see the price and ticket type change.

Q: In my basket, it says "one or more customers do not qualify" what does this mean?
A: This means either you or someone in your Friends and Family group do not meet the criteria to buy tickets for that game. You will need to remove the ticket for those that do not qualify from your basket in order to proceed with your purchase.

Q: How many tickets can I buy?
A: Most games this season will be restricted to one Match Ticket per Member. There may be some cup games where this rule is changed - more details on those will be provided at the time.

Q: Will the Club be issuing new Season Ticket Cards ahead of the 2021/22 season?
A: Yes. The Club will issue new cards to all Season Ticket Holders and Club Members. 

Q: I have lost my Season Ticket Card. What should I do?
A: If you have lost your Season Ticket Card, you'll need to get a new one which incurs a £10 admin fee. We will process and upload all the fixtures onto your new Season Ticket Card. If you come along to the Box Office on the day of the game and haven't previously informed us you have lost your Season Ticket Card, there is a £5 admin fee for issuing a replacement ticket for that game together with the £10 admin fee for a replacement card. It is best to advise us at least 48 hours before a game if you have lost your Seson Ticket Card to minimise fees. If however, your Season Ticket Card has been stolen and you can provide a police report number, we will replace it for free.

Q: On a matchday, I left my Season Ticket Card at home, or I forgot my print at home ticket, will I be charged extra to gain access to the match?
A: In this situation, you will need to visit the Box Office to obtain a paper ticket to enter the ground. All reprints incur a £5 admin fee.

Q: Can I change my Season Ticket to another age bracket?
A: Yes. The best way to do this is to call the Box Office at least 24 hours before a game. A new Season Ticket Card will be issued in replacement after paying an upgrade fee, which can be collected or posted for a £1 fee.

Q: Can I upgrade a Season Ticket to a different category for a particular game?
A: Yes, you can upgrade a Season Ticket to a different category e.g. if an Adult is attending for a particular game instead of a Junior. Please call the Box Office on 0333 005 8521, Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm to arrange an upgrade. Please note, that the person attending will need to print a Match Ticket for the game - you will not be able to access the stadium using the Season Ticket Card in this instance. 

Q: When will home games go on sale?
A: Initially fans will receive information via the Club's online communication channels advising of Match Ticket details and specifically when tickets will go on sale to different types of ticket purchasers (i.e. Season Ticket Holders, Club Members, Previous Purchasers). We'd also recommend you check your email preferences to ensure that you have opted in for club communications by email and mobile. We aim to have Match Tickets on sale around six weeks before each game where possible.

Q: When will away games go on sale?
A: As soon as we have any information regarding Match Tickets from the away club, we will inform fans via the Club's owned digital channels. You can see all games that are now on sale here.

Q: I've booked online, how will I receive my ticket?
A: Please check the fulfilment section on your e-mail confirmation. This will tell you if your ticket has been uploaded to your Brentford Card (Club Members only), is being posted, held for collection or if you chose an e-ticket to print at home.

Q: I am from overseas, how do I receive my ticket?
A: If you have an address outside the United Kingdom your ticket will be left for collection at the Ticket Office (located on Braemar Road); on non-matchdays from Monday-Friday (10am-12pm and 1pm-4pm), midweek matchdays 6pm until kick-off and weekend matchdays 10am until kick-off. Ticket collections are from the Collection Point in Braemar Road in front of the Ticket Office.

Q: When is the Box Office open?
A: The Box Office telephone line (0333 005 8521) is open from 10am - 4pm Monday to Friday. The Box Office will be closed Monday-Wednesday when there is non weekend (3pm kick-off) and 10am - 10pm for mid-week games (7.45pm kick-off).

Q: Do you have any car parking available on matchdays?
A: We are unable to offer on-site car parking (other than very limited spaces for disabled parking). However, we are working with a car parking partner, Event Support Team to offer car parking at nearby locations. Please click here for more details and to book parking. Please note that additional car parks may be made available once those closest to the stadium have been filled so please check back nearer kick-off for further availability.

Q: I want to get the train to Brentford, where do I go?
A. The closest raillway station to to the stadium is Kew Bridge, which offers South Western Railway services into Waterloo. Alternatively, if you are planning to travel on the London Underground the closest stations are Gunnersbury (District Line and London Overground) and South Ealing (Piccadilly Line). More details are available in our Fan Guide and you are advised to always check for the latest timetables at (or on other travel information apps or websites).

Q: Who do I need to contact for disabled tickets?
A: Please either call the Box Office on 0333 005 8521 or email us at and we will be happy to assist you.

Q: What is a booking/purchasing history?
A: This is a record of past ticket purchases made online, over the telephone or in person from the Box Office.

Q: How can I print off my e-ticket/print-at-home ticket?
A: When you receive your email receipt, attached to that is a PDF file, this file is your match e-ticket. You can identify this as it has a bar code which is required for entry into the stadium. You will need to print this page and bring it with you to the stadium on matchdays.

Q: Can I collect my Away Match Tickets at the Away Club on matchdays?
A: This varies from Club to Club, typically these need to be collected from our Box Office or be posted to your home address.

Q: I have purchased a home Match Ticket and now find out I cannot make the game, can I get a refund?
A: All home Match Tickets are non-refundable unless the fixture is postponed or abandoned.

Q: How do I add Friends and Family?
A: Log in to your ticketing account and select "Friends and Family" under the Account Summary list on the right-hand side of the screen. Select ‘New’ to add a fan to your Friends and Family. If they are an existing fan with a fan number, you will need to enter this and their surname in order to add them. If they are a new fan without a registered account, you can add and register them under the New Contact option.

Q: How do I check how many Ticket Access Points I have?
A: TAPs can be viewed in your account summary when you first log into your account.

Q: Why didn't I get the rest of my Ticket Access Points, I purchased more than one ticket?
A: You only receive Ticket Access Points for one Match Ticket per game. If you are buying for others who are Members, you need to ensure you allocate the Match Tickets to their accounts too, to ensure the correct Ticket Access Points are added. This cannot be amended after the purchase has been made.

Q: I chose for my Match Tickets to be collected, can I change that to print at home?
A: No, once you have picked either post or collect, we cannot reverse your order unless we refund your purchase.

Q: What is a restricted view seat?
A: "Restricted view" is where you are able to watch the match but the view of one or more of the goals is obscured. These tickets are priced accordingly, with a discount on the advertised face value for that area. Restricted view tickets will only become available once all unrestricted view tickets have been sold. Ahead of booking, please contact the Box Office directly if you would like information on any specific view in the stadium. Call us on 0333 005 8521 or email

Payments and benefits

What’s included in my Season Ticket? 

  • Your Season Ticket will provide access to all home league matches, plus priority access to away league games and cup games. Full benefits are available here

What are my payment options?

  • Option (a) Pay in full 
    • Season Tickets can be purchased in one payment online, by phone and in person. If you're renewing your Season Ticket online, don't forget to log in to your ticketing account first.  
    • Please note you can also use your ticketing credit when paying in full online.  
  • Option (b) Payment plan - 25% / 75%  
    • You can pay 25 per cent of the value of your Season Ticket when you renew and pay the remaining balance on Saturday 30 April.  
  • Option (c) Payment plan – three equal payments 
    • You can split the payments into three equal instalments, with one payment on the day you renew, one on Thursday 31 March and the last on Saturday 30 April.
  • Our payment plan options do not attract interest or admin fees.
  • Subsequent payments will be taken automatically – fans do not need to contact the Box Office for payments two and three (where relevant).
  • To take advantage of the instalment payment method, please make sure you have the right card saved on your ticketing account and delete any other cards.

 Can I use my ticket credit balance against the price of my Season Ticket renewal?

  • Yes, you can if you are opting to pay the full Season Ticket price in one go. This is easy to do online by simply selecting the option to use your ticket credit.
  • If you don’t use your ticket credit, your balance will be carried forward and can be used for other ticketing purchases in the future.

Will the prices change if Brentford are relegated? 

  • The prices quoted will stay the same whether Brentford plays in the Premier League or the Championship.

Why is there no Early Bird discount this year? 

  • The Early Bird discount was historically used to incentivise fans to pay for their Season Ticket early but we no longer have this pressing need for early payments. The Club also believes that it is right that all Season Ticket Holders should pay the same prices within each ticketing category.

Safe standing and seat moves

Can I request to move out of the West Stand or Block S100?

  • If you wish to move out of the proposed safe standing area (West Stand and Block S100), you can choose from a large selection of available seats in N121 in the North Stand or in the East Stand. Please note that these seats will not be immediately adjacent to the away segregation line.
  • Based on the feedback from our safe standing survey, we believe that there will be more than enough seats to choose from for those who want to move out of the West Stand.
  • If you wish to move to a seating area, do not renew your existing seat and instead wait until Thursday 17 March, 2pm – at that point you will be able to select a new seat in the above available areas. This window to move ends on Wednesday 23 March, 5pm.
  • In the unlikely event that you cannot find a suitable seat in N121 in the North Stand or in the East Stand then you can return to your existing seat by emailing by Wednesday 23 March, 5pm to request to return to your existing seat. If you miss this deadline you will lose your chance to buy a Season Ticket.


I sit in the North, East or South Stand, can I request to move into the proposed safe standing area?

  • If you wish to move into the proposed safe standing area (West Stand and Block S100), do not renew your existing seat and instead wait until Friday 25 March, 2pm.
  • At that point you will then be invited to select a new seat, subject to availability, in the West Stand or in Block S100. You will have until Wednesday 30 March, 5pm to select a seat.
  • If you do not select a new seat by Wednesday 30 March, 5pm (or the area is sold out), you will then have another opportunity to renew your existing seat. This window will open on Thursday 31 March, 2pm and will close on Thursday 7 April, 5pm.
  • If you then do not renew your existing seat by Thursday 7 April, 5pm, you will lose the chance to purchase a Season Ticket.

I sit in the North, East or South Stand - I don’t want to move into the proposed safe standing areas but can I request a move elsewhere in the stadium?

  • Our priority is to manage moves in and out of the proposed safe standing area.
  • However, we may be able to consider other moves in exceptional circumstances. Please be advised that requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed.
  • To request a move not related to the safe standing area, you must renew your existing seat by Wednesday 16 March, 5pm, and then complete this form no later than Saturday 30 April, 5pm.
  • The Box Office team will contact you to discuss your options once the renewal process is complete after Monday 2 May.

Can I move seats within the West Stand (or in S100)?

  • Our priority is to manage moves in and out of the proposed safe standing area.
  • However, we may be able to consider other moves in exceptional circumstances. Please be advised that requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed.
  • To request a move not related to the safe standing area, you must renew your existing seat by Wednesday 16 March, 5pm, and then complete this form no later than Saturday 30 April, 5pm.
  • The Box Office team will contact you to discuss your options once the renewal process is complete after Monday 2 May.

Are children allowed into the proposed safe standing area in the West Stand and Block S100? 

  • As things stand, there is not a mandatory age or height restriction in the proposed safe standing areas. However, this may be imposed depending on the outcome of the national trials and discussions with the local authorities. Should this happen, we will get in touch with those groups affected.
  • Regardless of this, adults must think about the children in their group and consider whether a move to another part of the stadium is appropriate where it will be easier for children to see the match.

 Can I move to the Dugout?

  • We think it is highly unlikely that any Dugout seats will become available.
  • However, Season Ticket Holders interested in moving to The Dugout are advised to renew their current seats within the ‘Keep My Seat’ window (by Wednesday 16 March, 5pm) and email when you renew with a request.
  • Requests will be considered subject to availability, but not until after 30 June.

Friends and Family

When purchasing for others in your Friends and Family group, how does it work with Ticket Exchange credit?

  • If you are purchasing a Season Ticket for someone in your Friends and Family group, then please note that for the 2022/23 campaign, any Ticket Exchange credit will go to the person who purchased the Season Ticket. Therefore, if you don’t want this to be the case, please pay for your Season Tickets separately.
  • If you booked your 2021/22 Season Ticket within a group, the lead booker will have received the ticket exchange credit for everyone within that group. It is the lead booker’s responsibility to liaise with the group to make sure they are not using ticket credit from other Season Ticket Holders within the group before renewing. The lead booker must contact the Box Office to get the credit manually transferred to each Season Ticket Holder who has sold their Season Ticket on the ticket exchange throughout the season.

I have sold my seat on the Ticket Exchange but I have no credit in my account. Why is this?

  • If you booked your 2021/22 Season Ticket in a group, credit from the Ticket Exchange automatically goes to the lead booker. Please contact the Box Office to transfer credit to your account.

I have someone in my Friends and Family group but I am unable to renew their Season Tickets, why is this?

  • This is either because the person has already renewed their Season Ticket, or because the permissions are not set up for you to purchase products for them. Therefore, you will need to re-add them to your Friends and Family group in your ticketing account.


Someone in our group is not renewing and there is a gap in the middle of it, what should we do?

  • Please contact the Box Office who will assist you further.

Is there an opportunity for Members to buy Season Tickets?

  • This is a Season Ticket renewal process and no new sales will be facilitated at this time. Should any additional Season Tickets become available once the renewals process has concluded, more information will follow.
  • If you are interested in becoming a My Bees Member for the 2022/23 season, you can register your interest here.

How do the Club determine what age category I am in?

  • The price tariff is based on the age you are on 1 August 2022.
  • Our ticketing categories are: Juniors - Under 18; Young Persons - 18-24; Adult - 25-64; Seniors - 65+.

I’m in the wrong age category, what should I do?

  • This will be because we either do not have a date of birth registered for you or your date of birth that is on your account is wrong.
  • To fix this, you should contact the Box Office with proof of age. You can show a driving licence, passport, birth certificate, Freedom Pass, National Identity Card or other recognised official photographic identification to confirm that you are using the right concession rate.  

What identification can I use to confirm my date of birth for a concession rate Season Ticket? 

  • Supporters can show a driving licence, passport, birth certificate, Freedom Pass, National Identity Card or other recognised official photographic identification to confirm that they are using the right concession rate. 
  • Supporters can contact the Box Office to upgrade concession rate Season Tickets for individual matches, if they are being used by a supporter who doesn’t qualify for that concession rate. 
  • Spot checks will take place during 2022/23 season to ensure that all supporters are entering the stadium on the correct tariff.

Can I renew for my Personal Assistant (or disabled helper) online?

  • Yes, complimentary Personal Assistant Season Tickets can be renewed online once the appropriate evidence is uploaded. Supporters who had a complimentary Personal Assistant/disabled helper Season Ticket this season will be contacted separately with more details about this process. If you have any questions on this, please email us at or contact the Box Office team on 0333 005 8521.

Can I renew in person at the Box Office?

  • You can renew at the Box Office but not on matchdays when the Box Office team will focus on enquiries relating to the day’s game.
  • Check out the Box Office opening times here
  • You can also renew online by logging in to your ticketing account here or by phone on 0333 005 8521.

Will I get a new Season Ticket Card next season? 

  • Yes, we will be posting out welcome packs containing your new card ahead of the start of next season.
  • Please ensure that your home address is up to date at the point of renewing your Season Ticket on your ticketing account so that your Season Ticket pack including your Brentford Season Ticket Card will be sent to your correct postal address.

Will there be any more Season Tickets going on sale for the 2022/23 season?  

  • There may be a small number of Season Tickets going on sale to My Bees Members for the 2022/23 season, depending on renewal rates, but the overall number will be capped at 10,000. This will enable us to have a reasonable number of tickets on sale on a match-by-match basis for My Bees Members. 

Q: Do you have disabled parking available for Premium members

A: We have a limited number of disabled spaces, please contact our Premium Services team on or 0208 380 9930

Q: What time should I arrive?

A: Enter via Entrance C, lounges will open 2.5 hours before KO

Q: What is the dress Code?

A: The dress code within our premium lounges is smart casual. Smart denim is permitted. Football shirts/kits are prohibited in Oxford & Cambridge but allowed in all other areas.

Q: Where do I collect my tickets from ?

A: Any additional or reprint tickets will be ready for collect at Entrance C from our Matchday hosts, 2.5hrs before KO

Q: Can I make any special requests?

A: Please get in touch with any special requests you have for the day on or 0208 380 9930

Q: Can Brentford FC cater for special dietary requirements?

A: Brentford Football Club do cater for all dietary requirements, please make a premium services team member aware of any dietary requirements you may have before the matchday on or 0208 380 9930

Q: Can I leave the stadium during the match and return back in ?

A: There are no re-admissions permitted

Q: What time are the lounges open

A: The lounges will open 2.5hrs before KO and close 1hr after the final whistle (last orders 40mins after final whistle)

Q: If someone else is using my Premium Seat can I pay for their food and drink ?

A: Available in Railway and Orchard lounges only. You can pre book a food package for them which includes a two course chef’s table pre match meal with unlimited drink (beers, wine and soft drinks). Sweet refreshment with Tea/Coffee at full time.

Q: I’ve lost my Premium seat card/lanyard what do I do?

A: Make contact with the Premium Services team on or 0208 380 9930 and they can make arrangements for you. If it is on a matchday, please email straight away and the team can arrange a replacement for you which can be collect from Entrance C

Q: Can my season ticket friends come into the lounge post match?

A: The lounges are for exclusive use for Premium members but if you did want to meet them in the dugout bar area on level 1 will open the doors to all post-match

Q: How do I transfer my ticket to a friend/colleague/client for a game?

A: This can be done via our ticketing website. An E-Ticket will be sent directly to them so no need to hand over your card.

Q: What food options and prices are available if I pre book ?

A: Available in Railway and Orchard lounges only. You can pre order a meal package which includes an allocated table for dining, a two course chef’s table pre match meal with unlimited drink (beers, wine and soft drinks). Sweet refreshment with Tea/Coffee at full time. The cost of this package is £65 inc VAT

Q: Can I upgrade my ticket for a game to another lounge?

A: This is subject to availability. Please contact the Premium Services Team on or 0208 380 9930 who will check availability

Q: Is it only one drink/pie at half time?

A: Your package includes one drink (The Legends) and one pie (Railway and Orchard).

Q: How do I go about trading my membership ?

A: In the unfortunate situation that you would like to trade your seat to someone else please contact the Premium Services team on or 0208 380 9930 and we can discuss the process with you

Membership FAQs  

Q: What are the different My Bees Membership packages and how much do they cost? 

A: There are a number of different My Bees Memberships for the 2022/23 season: 

Ticket Pricing List 2223.png


Q: What are the benefits of joining My Bees Membership? 

A: The most important benefit from becoming a Member is that you get priority to buy available home league Match Tickets and we anticipate that these tickets will be in high demand for the 2022/23 season. There are a whole range of other benefits to becoming a My Bees Member too and these are listed below. 


Q: When will I receive my Membership welcome pack and Membership card? 

A: We will aim to send out Membership welcome packs and Membership cards prior to the start of the season. Following that, we will aim to despatch within 14 days where possible, but it may take longer in some cases. Once your Membership is activated however, you will have instant access to the benefits and will have the opportunity to buy Match Tickets. O 

 ur newest Members, Babees, can expect a Brentford FC lunch bag, a baby scarf, and educational milestone cards. Bee Team Members will receive a Brentford FC rucksack, a 3D puzzle of our stadium, and a Brentford FC water bottle. The Swarm Members will receive a Brentford FC over the shoulder bag, a Bluetooth speaker and a card holder. Welcome packs come as standard for all packages across our child and youth age groups. Adults (18+) will have the option of adding a welcome pack including a pen, key-ring and card holder for an additional £10.  

Can I buy a My Bees Membership rather than Bees Overseas if I am an international fan? 

A: Yes, we do not limit Membership purchase based on location, although we do limit them to one per fan number. However, if you buy a My Bees Membership with a Welcome Pack, you will need to pay an additional £10 for international postage and packaging  

Q: Does having a Membership mean I will be guaranteed to be able to buy Match Tickets? 
A: The demand for Match Tickets will be very high this season, so whilst having a Membership gives you the best chance of buying any available Match Tickets, availability is not guaranteed.  

Q: What are Ticket Access Points (TAPs) and how does the TAPs system work? 

A: TAPs are awarded to Season Ticket Holders and Members when they attend home matches and purchase away tickets. Only Season Ticket Holders and Members will be entitled to priority ticket access by collecting them and tickets will be sold in order of priority as set out in our Customer Charter.  

When purchasing tickets on behalf of other supporters, please ensure that you allocate each ticket to the relevant supporter to ensure that TAPs are registered correctly.  

Please note for home games if you do not scan your ticket at the turnstiles, you will not receive TAPs for that match.   

Q: What are the Category A and Category B home league games and why are you having different ticket allocation rules for each? 
A: As per previous seasons, Category A home league fixtures are those that we believe will have the greatest demand for Match Tickets. Category B games are the remaining fixtures.   

We’ve identified different categories so that we can recognise the loyalty of those Members who have built up the highest Ticket Access Points over the years and give them a higher chance to buy a Match Ticket for Category A home games.  

Q: What priority will I get to buy home league Match Tickets for Category A games? 
A: For Category A games, half of the available Match Tickets will be made available to those Members with the highest Ticket Access Points (TAPs). The first window of sales for these tickets, Window 1A, will allow a non-guaranteed ticket purchase for qualifying Members based on 1,000+ TAPs and the second window 1B will then open up for those with 750+ TAPs and be based on a first come first served basis. These qualifying levels will be reviewed in the November FIFA World Cup international break.   

The remaining 50 per cent of the available Match Tickets for Category A games will go on sale to all Members with 40+ TAPs, with the majority of those tickets sold on a first-come first-served basis. 100 Match Tickets will be held to be sold from the Box Office rather than online for both Window 1 and Window 2 and a further 50 Match Tickets will be held for a U18 ballot. The ballot tickets for our younger Members who register for each match will be chosen at random by the Club, with 25 U18 Members chosen (to allow one parent/guardian Member ticket for each). Booking windows and further details will be communicated via email and on our website.  

Q: What priority will I get to buy home league Match Tickets for Category B games? 
A: Available Match Tickets for Category B home league games will go on sale to all Members on a first-come first-served basis. For all Category B home league games, 100 Match Tickets will be held for sale from the Box Office rather than online. 
Q: What about away games? 

A: The majority of Match Tickets for away games will be sold first to Season Ticket Holders. However, five per cent of available Match Tickets for away games will be available for Members to purchase. Members will be asked to register an interest in attending away games and will be entered into a ballot. If successful, an email will be sent inviting Members to purchase an away ticket from Window 1 of the match sales window for that specific game.    

Q: Why have you removed the guaranteed ticketing windows?   

A: We now have last year’s data from all of the ticketing windows for our first Premier League season at Brentford Community Stadium. The take-up of tickets in guaranteed windows was much lower than expected. By carefully managing TAPs requirements depending on demand and capacities, we are able to ensure that we are more efficient and consistent in the sales process and enable fewer sales windows. This in turn gives more notice and better signposting for our fans, especially for home matches where we can keep this at a consistent level and review midway through the season. This also allows the opportunity for more of our fans to buy in the same window and sit together. Finally, it also enables us to be more flexible to demand and continue to improve the process as we move through the season.   

Q: As a Season Ticket Holder holding a high number of TAPs points, I am concerned about losing a guaranteed window for Away games. How can you reassure me I will still be able to access tickets to most of the games I wish to attend?  

A: We will flex TAPs requirements for the games we anticipate to be extremely high demand. For example, for Fulham away, the first window will essentially have one ticket per qualifying STH. We have placed 11 of our 19 matches in Category A, so those with high TAPs will still enjoy priority. 

Regarding Category B matches and the lack of TAPs priority, all of this years’ selected matches went on sale to all Members last year and whilst it’s not guaranteed, we anticipate those Season Ticket Holders who want tickets will be able to buy them. They will also have a better chance of sitting with their fellow friends and family who are also Season Ticket Holders.   

Q: Why have you removed the guarantee for the first 10,000 Members to have access to at least one home match this season?   

A: We introduced the 10,000 guarantee to ensure Members would have the opportunity to visit Brentford Community Stadium in the first Premier League season. We had very little take up for the designated matches.  Going forward we want all of our Members to be on as level a playing field as possible.   

Q: What about cup games? 
A: Cup matches will be categorised as either Category A, Category B or Category F (Family). Season Ticket Holders will have first priority to purchase Match Tickets for cup games. Any remaining Match Tickets for home cup games will then be made available for purchase following the same rules as noted above for Category A and Category B home league games. Match Tickets purchase windows and priorities for any Category F cup games will be confirmed by the Club at the time. Tickets for away cup games will be sold on the same basis as for away league games.  

Q: How will I know when can I buy Match Tickets for specific games? 

A: Up-to-date information for specific games will be sent to Members by email and will also be available on the Club website. It’s important to make sure your contact details are up-to-date and to check the information in your emails and on our website regularly to ensure that you don’t miss out. For anyone who doesn’t have internet access, it will also be possible to call the Box Office for assistance on 0333 005 8521. Once the new website is fully launched you will be able to log into your ticketing account which will show you a specific date when you are eligible to purchase tickets.  

Q: How will you look after disabled fans and those with accessibility requirements that need assistance with booking? 
A: We have set up a dedicated email address for anyone with particular accessibility requirements and this will be checked as a priority before and during ticketing windows. Keeping some Match Tickets to go on sale at the Box Office only will also ensure that there is an option available for those fans who are not able to access tickets online.  

Q: Do Members also have access to tickets put onto the Ticket Exchange by Season Ticket Holders that can’t attend a game? 
A: Yes, Members will have access to buy tickets put onto the Ticket Exchange during a dedicated booking window. The minimum requirement of 40 TAPs remains for Category A Home League matches. The Ticket Exchange is only activated once all home Match Tickets in the ground have sold out. More information on the Ticket Exchange is available here.  

Q: Can I link an adult Membership with children’s Memberships so that we can sit together? 

A: Yes, you can link adult and children’s Memberships together subject to ticket availability and other qualifications for particular games. You just need to add the child/ren to your Friends & Family group – read more here.  

Q: Can I buy for other Members so we can sit together? 
A: Yes, you will be able to buy for other Members in your Friends & Family group as long as they are eligible for that booking window. You can read more about Friends & Family here. 

Q: As a Season Ticket Holder can I buy a Membership? 

A: No, but the person you wish to attend should create a new account and buy a Membership. Then you will be able to add them to your Friends & Family.  

 Q: If I am a Season Ticket Holder and my family/friend is under 14 years of age, how can I buy tickets together? 

A: Under 14s are not allowed to enter the stadium and sit alone due to safeguarding concerns. We would advise another adult to purchase a membership and buy tickets together so the under 14 is accompanied by an adult. On rare occasions, we may be able to move your season ticket seat to sit with the Member, but this is subject to availability. 

 If the younger fan is in a different purchasing window, we advise the adult to forgo their eligibility window and wait until both Members are eligible to purchase. It is very rare we have availability to move the adult and the under 14-year-old to be seated together so please do not purchase in separate windows. 

Q: Do I need to provide photo ID? 

A: We do ask for photo ID if you are purchasing an age-related concession membership or to collect tickets purchased via the Bees Overseas Membership. If you do not have photo ID, a birth certificate is also acceptable. Please purchase the correct Membership based on your age on 1 August 2022. 

Q: If I buy a Match Ticket and can no longer attend the game, am I able to get a refund? 

A: If your request is 72 hours before kick-off, please contact the Box Office by email at with your request and they will let you know your options. 

Q: Am I able to upgrade my junior Match Ticket to an adult Match Ticket? 

A: You will only be able to upgrade your Match Ticket for use by another My Bees Member if there is a fixture time/date change. 

Q: Where can I find out more if I have other questions? 

A: Our Box Office team will be very happy to help with any other questions you may have either by email at or by calling the Club on 0333 005 8521 and choosing Option 1 for the Box Office. 

Q: Who is eligible to buy Bees Overseas Memberships? 

A:  All fans based at an overseas address are eligible to buy the Bees Overseas Membership. This includes those in the ROI. In order to be eligible to enter Ticket Ballots you will need to have uploaded an international address. Upon collection of any tickets, you will also need to provide Photo ID. This is to prevent Domestic-based suspected Away fans from using this Membership as a way to get tickets.  

Q: What is the Club's Ticket Exchange?
A: It's a service we offer to Season Ticket Holders who are unable to attend any Premier League home games. Season Ticket Holders can release their seat using the Ticket Exchange and that seat will be made available for other Brentford supporters to purchase online once the home areas of the stadium are sold out. Tickets on the Ticket Exchange are offered in the first instance to Club Members before being released on general sale. However, there is no guarantee that the seat will be released by the Club or will be purchased if released.

Q: How can I find out if the seat I released via the Ticket Exchange has been sold for a specific match?
A: You will receive an email informing you that your seat has been sold on the Ticket Exchange. 

Q: How much credit will I receive against the cost of my Season Ticket next season if my seat is sold on the Ticket Exchange?
A: When you put your seat onto the Ticket Exchange, your credit will be displayed in your "Resale Summary".

Q: I released my seat via the Ticket Exchange but it hasn't been sold. Will I still receive a credit against the cost of my Season Ticket next season?
A: No, credit towards your Season Ticket for the next campaign will only be applied if your seat is sold.

Q: How do I release my seat via the Ticket Exchange?
A: Please read the Ticket Exchange 'How to' Guide for a step-by-step guide to using the Ticket Exchange.

Q: Can a disabled supporter return their seats via the Ticket Exchange?
A: Yes, disabled Season Ticket Holders are able to return their tickets via the Ticket Exchange. This can be done until kick-off on matchday. Please visit the Ticket Exchange online and follow the seat release instructions. Alternatively, contact the Box Office on 0333 005 8521 and one of our team will be happy to assist you.

Q: I have released my seat via the Ticket Exchange for a game I now want to attend, what do I do?
A: If your seat is still available, you can re-book it by logging in to your online account and selecting 'My Tickets' from the menu on the top right side of the screen. Find the game you want to attend and click 'Cancel Resale' to remove your seat from the Ticket Exchange. Alternatively, please contact the Box Office on 0333 005 8521 and one of our team will be happy to assist you.

Q: I have released my seat on the Ticket Exchange for a game I now want to attend but my seat has been sold, what do I do?
A: You will need to purchase a Match Ticket (subject to availability) at full price. You will not be able to get your seat back for this particular match once it has been sold via the Ticket Exchange.

Q: I originally released my seat via the Ticket Exchange, but then changed my mind and purchased an alternative seat as my seat had already been sold. Will my card be activated for that match?
A: No, you will be issued with a paper Match Ticket.

Q: If I don't renew my Season Ticket can I redeem my Ticket Exchange credit for cash or transfer to another Season Ticket?
A: Ticket Exchange credit can only be redeemed by renewing the Season Ticket on which that the credit was earned. Ticket Exchange credit cannot be redeemed for cash or transferred.

Q. What is the difference between Ticket Access Points and Loyalty Rewards?
A. Ticket Access Points (TAP) are only earned through purchasing Match Tickets both home and away – TAP are awarded to Season Ticket Holders and Club Members who purchase home match tickets. They are also awarded for away games upon purchase. 

Q. Will my Ticket Access Points that I earn this season roll over?
A. All Ticket Access Points are carried over from the 2018/19 Season.

Q. How will I collect Home Ticket Access Points?
A. Members and Season Ticket Holders will be awarded TAPs for their own ticket after the game has taken place.

Q. Can I earn Ticket Access Points by purchasing merchandise or food and beverages?
A. No. The Club will allocate Loyalty Rewards for these types of purchases on selected items.

Q. How can I keep track of my Ticket Access Points?
A. We include these in some of our email communications to you and we publish the TAP awarded for each game when they go on sale.